Are You Worth Promoting?

One of the questions I often get asked from people is how to get a promotion. Listen, if your job is “secure”, that means it’s not competitive, there is no room for growth and you probably aren’t making much. It’s an eat-what-you-kill economy but too many people just kill time. The only thing worse than seeing something done wrong is seeing it done slowly. If you have worked and didn’t get anything, it means someone else got it first.

There are 7 reasons you may not be getting ahead and don’t have that raise or promotion you desire. Having the awareness of these tips will help propel you into the marketplace. Rather than remaining stationary and stuck in the same rotation, you must take personal responsibility to develop the self-confidence and mental attitude to know your self-worth, know your value and take actions that are relative to increasing your compensation.

The 7 Reasons you are not getting that promotion:
1 – You are not confident you can do the job at the next level
2 – You do not have a company owner mindset
3 – You think too small and have no strategic vision
4 – You embarrass or surprise or correct your boss in public
5 – You get defensive when you receive constructive feedback
6 – You do not have a solid, strong relationship with your boss
7 – You complain, gossip, or have a bad attitude. Even if only on occasion.

You need to communicate you are money motivated, and you need to be a problem solver. To find problems and build value to a company you must increase your personal worth exponentially.


Do more than that is expected of you at all times, and be notable for your hustle.

If no one has commented on your hustle in the last hour, you need to step up. There also is an importance of finding other avenues of revenue within the company. This shows enthusiasm, interest in the progress of the company, and proves you are motivated to increase your wealth and position.

When Jarrod Glandt came to me at 26-years old, he knew nothing about sales, but he knew a lot about persistence. I allowed him a space to prosper, but it took a lot of work, a lot of practice, and was a huge risk for him. He did the grind, he trained, and he has a Whatever It Takes attitude every day.

I’m looking for greatness at my company.

I get too many people wanting to work for me telling me how great they are only to find out that they are great at multitasking—being unproductive, procrastinating, and irritating all at once. The only exercise many people get at other companies is dodging deadlines, and they only truly start working for a company once they are threatened with being fired. I’m done with it. I only hire the greats.

If you think you can sell anything, try pitching just a simple glass of water. Send your video here. Winner gets $1000. Vote here. You have until April 29th to get it in.

And don’t forget to watch real people pitch themselves at my company, doing Whatever It Takes.

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