Are You Secretly Protesting Your Own Life?

Watching people respond to our recent election results this past week reminded me of a time in my life when I was resenting, blaming, hating, and protesting my life. I was acting like a victim in my life and life kept making me a victim. I spent years of my life acting like a victim. I fell into believing the hardships of my life had been unfair to me. My life started to change when I started to live by a new quote.

“You can’t create the future you deserve obsessed with the past you don’t want.”

My dad died when I was 10 and then I lost my older brother. I felt like I never fit in through high school. I was fired from my first five jobs. At the age of 23 I was beaten within inches of my life and by 25 I had to get help for a drug problem that almost killed me. My life didn’t start to improve until I quit acting like a little victim. When I quit living in the past and started creating my future everything changed.

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I quit spending time on what was done to me and started to work on what I could do for me. I quit living in fantasy looking for the perfect job and committed to getting great at the job I had. I learned to SELL even though I didn’t like sales… and then realized I loved sales. I started investing time and money in myself. I became fascinated with my future and started to disregard my past. Everything started to change. I was no longer stuck in my past disappointments and failures. I was no longer resenting and regretting.

I am proof when you get out of the past, out of your blame, resentment, and self-pity you can do any thing. You can’t create the future you deserve obsessing over the past you don’t want. Regardless of your current situation in life, your life can improve. Whether you are having a hard time in life or maybe you are doing the best you have ever done, know, you can still do better. Are you ready to stop protesting?

Here are 3 ways to improve your life today:

1. Stop Resentments

The fact is, resentment hurts the resentful more than the target of their resentments. Like a cancer, it eats the host. Resentments will destroy you faster than a mountain of debt because it sticks you to the past. The targets of resentments will never suffer as much as the resentful. Empty yourself of resentments and get yourself fully into the creation of your future.

2. Stop Blame

When you blame others for what’s happened in life you are an excuse maker. Excuses are never the reason for why you did or didn’t do something. They’re just a revision of the facts that you make up in order to help yourself feel better about what happened (or didn’t). Making excuses won’t change your situation; only getting to the real reason behind it can do this.

“Casting blame never improves your situation.”

3. Stop Self-Pity

For years I was stuck in seeing life as something that was happening to me, rather than because of me. Engaging in self-pity is a sign that someone has an extremely low degree of responsibility. If you are not happy now it’s because of you, not your circumstances. Self-pity is naturally a byproduct of blaming other things for your life. I never want anyone to feel sorry for me, and neither should you.

Protesters are looking to the past and are full of resentment, blame, and self-pity. If they would use that same amount of energy as they use blaming others or past conditions towards creating growth for themselves now, then they would be going towards something much better—personal responsibility.

Compare these two different ideas:

1. “My politician wasn’t elected. The system is broken.”

2. “My politician wasn’t elected because I was unable to gather enough support for my politician to get elected instead.”

The first statement assumes no responsibility for the event, while the other does—and identifies a solution. Once you adopt a more advanced sense of responsibility—and refuse to make any more excuses—you can then go out and search for a solution.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

If you are one of those people obsessed with improving your life, I want to be on your team and I want you on my team. Get on Cardone University today and I’ll be your personal coach.

Be obsessed with your future,


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