Hi Grant, Hire me, here’s a resume—
it is a list of things I hope you never ask me to do.

Hi Grant. Hire me and every morning
I’ll show I’m jealous of the unemployed.

Hi Grant. Hire me and I will point the
finger blaming others for my own failures.

Hi Grant. I believe the reward for a job well done
is more work so if you hire me I’ll get to it when I get to it.

I got sick and tired of hiring through the traditional process, so I made a reality show out of it. It allows me to really get to know people the way a traditional job interview never could.

I put job applicants through a grueling beach workout, not just for fun, but to see how they react when put through physical stress. It has been said that if you bring a man out to play a game of golf or play a game of poker, just get him into a game and you will meet him for the first time. This is because competition brings things out of people that ordinary situations never will.

There are 7 billion people on the planet and I need to find just a few that are ethical, disciplined, and GREAT. I need to find people who have Whatever It Takes!

If I can’t spot a liar in a job interview, I end up with liars in my company.

I need candidates who have the skills, the intelligence, and the ability to think on their feet… AND the willingness to do Whatever It Takes. People who are tired of being good and want to be great. Everyone on the planet has great ideas, but who can actually HELP me?

Season 2 of Whatever It Takes continues with episode two releasing tonight. Comment on the episode and tell me which candidates you think I should have picked.

Be great,