Are You Obsessed or Average?

My much-anticipated book Be Obsessed or Be Average is coming out this fall. My last book was the hit bestseller The 10X Rule and I’m ready to blow things up again. Earlier this year I released The Millionaire Booklet and now the countdown is underway for the release of the epic ‘Obsessed’ book.

We’re already selling record numbers of pre-orders.

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Here’s a never-before-seen sneak peak at the introduction from the book:


My entire life people have been telling me that my obsession with success is a bad thing. I’ve been called a work addict, compulsive, obsessive, never satisfied, out of balance, tyrannical, and impossible to work with. I’ve been told I’m too demanding and that I have unreasonable expectations for myself and others. I have had “professionals’ suggest that I have ADD, ADHD, OCD, and much more. Friends and family have told me to chill out, calm down, relax, and take it easy. The reality is that no matter how much I have tried to squelch or control my obsession with success, it has been the one thing most responsible for my being where I am today. My obsessions have taken me from lost and broken in every way at the age of twenty- five to owning five privately held companies with sales of $100 million a year, being named one of the top ten most influential CEOs in the world, and being a New York Times best- selling author of five books, an internationally acclaimed speaker, an attentive husband, a doting father of two girls, and a contributing member of society.

I am not bragging— I just want to make perfectly clear that what I’ve achieved in life is not because of some particular invention, luck of timing, inside deal, or special intelligence. I am where I am today only because I embraced my obsession with success. That being said, before I gave myself permission to fully own my obsession and harness it for good, denying my obsession almost killed me. I learned the hard way that denying your obsession or being obsessed with the wrong things can be very destructive. I’m going to share my story about discovering my obsession and how that alone has given me this super life. I will share with you the tools I’ve discovered along the way to put my obsession to work for me. I want to give you permission to be completely and unapologetically obsessed too— regardless of who you are, where you come from, what your family is like, or what your crazy big dream is.

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