Are You High Energy or Low Energy?

Is the focus of your thoughts and physiology leading you closer to who you want to be and where you want to be? Or are you focused on what’s holding you back?

Is your focus and language serving you or bringing you down.

A peak state is what puts us in a position to succeed or fail. It is the energy and posture of peak performance. There are three things you can change immediately to change your state- Focus, Language, and Physiology. Where is your focus, what are you saying and thinking about your circumstance, and are you carrying yourself in such a manner that would trigger successful performance.

I like to use Galatians 5:22-25 as the emotional audit if you will, to determine if I am walking and living in the Spirit. This checklist will quickly determine where my state is.

To work in all you were created to be, you must live in a peak and high energy state. Make all areas of your life align with this purpose so that they serve you in becoming your best self.

Living and walking in the Spirit is the only way to achieve things bigger than yourself. So we must continuously audit our state to ensure we are walking upright.

We all know the alternative is nowhere we want to be. So let’s audit our state right now. What emotions are you feeling- then align them in truth and bring them into peak position so you can move in all you were created to be.

Let your Faith dictate your feelings and not the other way around.

-Zach Morrow

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