Are You Being Lied to?

A half-truth is a partial truth—and it’s deceptive. It’s a statement that includes some truth but leaves out other important information. This always leads to false conclusions, and this is dangerous because when you act on false data you will get wrong results. If you receive the wrong data, you will be deceived. I’m here to tell you today you are being fed a lie and I want to tell you what it is.

There is the famous story of a blind man who touches only a part of an elephant and reaches a different conclusion about the elephant than what the elephant actually is. The man doesn’t have a full understanding of the complete elephant—he could be touching the tail and believe that the elephant is long and thin, or he might be touching the tusk and say that the elephant is hard. The tail and the tusks are “true” but they are only part of the elephant.

Describing the elephant by its tail or by its tusk would be giving a half-truth.

I’m misrepresented all the time by half-truths.

A common way to use a half-truth is to cherry pick facts. People dig through facts and ignore any that disprove what they want to say until they find that one piece of data that confirms his or her lie. Then they present the data as if it’s proof.

America has been sold the “half-truth” of the Middle Class, which is actually a lie. You’ve been told the middle class is freedom to make choices, the freedom to do what you want with your life, live where you want, be who you want—but the reality is the Middle Class is a trap. It’s a prison that has been sold as a sanctuary for generations by the government and perpetuated by the media—that is controlled by the government.

“The Middle Class is safe.” 

“The Middle Class is freedom.”

“The Middle Class is the goal.”

If politicians told you the truth—that there is no middle class anymore—there would be civil unrest.

All half-truths are sold to you to keep you a slave. You don’t want to be a part of the mythical middle class of America.

The worst thing about the politician who tells a half-truth is NOT that he or she doesn’t tell the whole truth but that they lack courage. Courage comes as a result of doing difficult things (like telling the entire truth). If you don’t practice being courageous you never will be, and politicians take shortcuts to avoid being courageous.

The politician promoting the middle class is unethical to himself before he is to others.

Just because someone makes $50K a year doesn’t make them “middle class” any more than the tail of an elephant makes an elephant “long and skinny”. Take a step back and view the entire picture.

“The middle class” is not just a rigid set of financial parameters that puts you into a box based on what you earn—the middle class is a mindset. The reason you think you’re in the middle class is because of your thinking.

The concept of the middle class was built on doing enough, working enough and saving enough.

You don’t want to do “just enough” and have “just enough”. Don’t be sold on the Middle-Class model your parents bought. 10X your life and make your own class.

You’re probably in one of either 3 places today:

#1 This is the first you’ve heard of me: This is literally the first time anyone has ever told you the middle-class is a lie. You need to get my book The 10X Rule to get started on learning how the middle-class mindset fails.

#2 You’ve been following me some already: You’ve heard me talk about the middle class before, but you may not have completely bought into the idea that the middle-class is a trap. Or, you know it’s a trap but you still feel stuck in the middle-class mindset. You need some material that’s going to take you to freedom. My Playbook is for you.

#3 You’re a big fan of me: You’ve read all my material, you’re doing pretty well, your income has increased, but you still know you can do better. It’s time to go all in and invest in Cardone University and start making big money.

No matter where you are today, just know that I’m one of the only people out there telling you the whole truth about the middle class.

Be great,


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