Reasons Employers Hate Punks:
1. Employers don’t want to be your babysitter.
2. The anti-work attitude is not appreciated.
3. Your happiness is not the employer’s responsibility.

How to be a Pro:
1. Be hungry to make a difference in your position.
2. Do the things that others refuse to do.

The reality is that it is hard work to get a job. You need to be great, to stand out, and to be a PRO. You want to get to a point where people only see what you produce. Make it your mission to be a STAR producer.

The reality is most people are not star producers but suck at their job and likely fall into one of these categories:

3 Groups of Workers That Suck at Their Job:
1. Mr. Lame: Underperforming, missing targets; constantly making excuses; constantly changing jobs
2. Mr. Average: In the middle; average levels of activity
3. Mr. Top Producer: Constantly operating at less than potential, but higher than those around him so he gets comfortable

The One Group That Doesn’t Suck:
4. Mr. Unicorn: Has an insatiable appetite for success; Understands his potential and is in an all out sprint, all the time

Steve Jobs, Bob Duggan, Elon Musk—they are unicorns. When you tell others your dreams, those who hear them think they are crazy. That’s what you want. You want to be on like a nuclear power plant, pushing all the time, and learning everything you can.

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You need to understand that everyone sucks at their purpose in life, except the unicorns.

Write down your dream income and act like you earn it today, and start working like you have your dream job. Only then will you be a pro rather than a punk.

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Your friend in business and sales,

Grant Cardone