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Are Millennials Really Different

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Are Millennials Different? Lazy, Entitled, Cant communicate, Job hoppers, Not Loyal, Poor work ethic.

But Are they actually any different Different Than Other Generations? Derek Irvine writes in Millennials aren’t Entitled They’re Just Misunderstood. Tired of hearing the myths about Millennials in the workplace (entitled, need constant praise and reassurance, difficult to manage)?

Harvard Business Review:
Millennials are entitled, disloyal, and lazy. And they expect things to come easily to them.
These are common beliefs that many managers hold.

Harvard Business Review says. it turns out, aren’t nearly as entitled as we make them out to be.
In fact, “most are ambitious, and look to make a big impact in their careers right from the start. ”
But managers can sometimes misconstrue this as entitlement.

23% of all millionaires are Millennials
bout 5m millionaires
Gen X only 4 million

EVERY generation when they were young and new in the workplace.

Boomer managers said that about me as a young Gen X employee.

Millennial employees have never lived a day without technology

It is up to managers to KEEP up not misunderstood young people.
This isn’t generational behavior, it’s stage of life behavior
Take Away
They aren’t different
They need leadership
They need inspiration
All NEW employees will seek recognition and feedback.

Part 2

Are Millennials Different
A lot of people sell books and give presentations that suggest that Millennial employees, those born between 1976 and 1996 (Millennials, or Gen Y) are significantly different from employees born between 1965 and 1975 (Generation X), and radically different from people born during the 20 years before 1965 (Baby Boomers).
But are Millennials truly different, or are they just younger?
Having read a fair bit of research on this topic, here are what I believe are four (4) key truths and one (1) harmful myth about the differences between Millennial employees compared to their older Gen X and Baby Boomer co-workers.

Truth #1: Your career stage impacts your interests & job expectations
Truth #2: Health & non-work obligations impact work interests, expectations, needs.
Truth #3: Labor market conditions influence employee behavior
Truth #4: Millennials have different expectations about technology and workforce opportunities
Myth: What Millennials want is fundamentally different from previous generations
How are they the same or even better?
•Millennials 6.3 jobs by 25
•Baby Boomers 5.5 jobs by 25
•Boomers had 11 jobs by 40 year old
•Two studies show Gen Y think they will have 2-5 employers during their career and another show they will have only 5….
•All groups have under estitmated money
•Use TechnologySo did boomers

Get Rich Stats

More Rich Millennials than GenX
49% claim they seek to get rich compared with 6% of Gen X and 14% of Boomers
82% want to shell out dough for luxury vacation —-Top purchase

Bad Habits
Easy come easy go
Too much student debt
Education over rated
Bad Habits – Sticky notes

Take Aways
They are not different
We all need the same things
Whatever it Takes Attitude is still of value
Get Rich
Stay Rich
Get Richer

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