Week of April 24th 2016 with Robert Syslo Jr

Whatever it Takes Episode 4 two more left in this series premiered on Friday to an overwhelming audience if you have not subscribed yet to Grant Cardone TV or Whatever it Takes do so now and catch up on the last three episodes.

Dre All Day Baldwin is back on the scene with 8 new episodes coming at you live his most recent creating and leveraging A college degree won’t get your the opportunities today that it used to: a proven track record is what you need now! Dre explains how you can develop and start leveraging a proven track record of your performance so you can start getting the opportunities you want, or better yet, create them!

Lee Haight is back on the road again taking us through the most devastating hail storm in years. Lee goes right in with his teammate and closes a residential and commercial deal check it out its live still waiting for that tornado chase lee.

Cardonezone premiered this Friday discussing how to prepare for the recession that is already happening right now he is the only one saying it
1)Don’t wait for it to get here operate like it is here now. Out work everyone now as though the contraction is fully here.
2) Stop ALL spending except on those things that can increase income. Do NOT spend to consume; spend only to increase income.
3) Keep your firewood dry and add to it. Accumulate cash—wood for your fire—at all cost and spend nothing, preparing to invest when real assets get cheaper (they will). Prepare to steal when the market capitulates (throws up). Build your fire so big others stare in amazement.
4) Do whatever it takes to increase income. Take on other income opportunities to increase your monthly income and save it all.
5) Learn ‘how’ think rather than ‘why’ think and act like an entrepreneur. That means sales, marketing, negotiating, follow up, and branding.

David Frangioni and I sat down to discuss the in’s and outs of how to confront yourself, your business the tough questions and the tough people. this episode aired on Thursday check it out your rockstar business with Aerosmiths right hand man David Franigoni.

Grant rocked Young Hustlers on Thursday talking about how to handle depression If you’re bored you’re going to be depressed. Depression is a normal response to failing. If you knew you could run 60 mph but only run 10 mph, how do you make sense of that? The doctors don’t tell you this, but it’s not depression you are suffering from—it’s mediocrity, it’s living below your potential. You are on planet earth, depression will happen. You’re depressed because you are operating at an altitude below your capacity.You need skills. You don’t need sympathy, use your failure as motivation to surge. If you have no net-worth it’s because you have no self-worth. Don’t have white space on your calendar.

Awesome GE Show this week about haters, how to detect the covert ones how to handle them and those that listen to them. All successful people have haters and if you have them then you are doing something right. Haters aren’t talking about you they are talking about themselves as self centered and small as they are they provide heavy amounts of fuel to your fire.

Don’t miss Kevin Harrington’s new show mentor to millions airing today at 11AM followed later by Carrie Dickie’s Network Marketing moguls show.

Also would like to congratulate and welcome Tom Murrain and Anthony Powell to Grant Cardone TV two new shows Tom will be discussing the Bitcoin digital currency and how entrepreneurs can use it to grow their business and Anthony Powell $1billion dollar earner in network marketing will be bring all the tips and updates on how to be successful in the network marketing industry.

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