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Andy Frisella

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In this edition of Power Players Grant Cardone interviews Andy Frisella, a 36-year-old entrepreneur, innovator, and businessman who sells, manufactures & distributes fitness, nutrition, and weight loss products with sales in excess of $100 million a year. He got into the supplement business at 19 in Springfield, MO and started with $7 bucks on the first day his store opened. Things didn’t get much better as within the first two weeks the store was broken into and vandalized and even after 8 months they still struggled to just make $200 in a day. After grinding for 10 years he finally began to explode as he started mastering social media.

Andy talks about how success in fitness has many parallels to succeeding in business. 50% of stuff that happens isn’t going to be in your business plan. Get started on any plan rather than sit and analyze a good plan. He launched the MFCEO Project website and podcast in June 2015 as an outlet for his passion to motivate people to succeed in business and life. The big takeaway is that you have to move, there is no perfect plan but you have to adapt as you go. Creativity follows commitment.

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