In the real world, people have to sell.

Learning how to sell, and then close the deal, is what is needed in the real word to ensure you get what you want to in life—both professionally and personally. All parents are in the business of closing sales because selling is more than just products—selling is being able to persuade, convince, and gather support for your ideas and what you want to do in life—whether in business or in the home.

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Parents must sell their kids on what they believe is best for them and what they want to do in the home. I’m a dad, and like all other parents, we each have experience with selling our kids on something. For example, your girl doesn’t want to brush her teeth before bedtime, and you have to sell her on the idea that brushing her teeth before bed is a good thing. Good parents sell their children on the things that are important to them so that the child will have a better life.

Let’s take an example of a mom who has a teenage son that is doing drugs. She needs to successfully sell her son on the idea that he shouldn’t experiment with drugs. This is important stuff. Selling is everything in life. Have you noticed that children are persistent? They are closers—asking again and again until you finally relent. It’s a sign that they know what they want because they are sold on what they want. Sell or be sold.

How do you handle your kids when they object to what you want them to do? You see, even if you are a stay-at-home mom you are every bit as much of a salesman as those who “sell” for their profession. Remember that just as it’s a salesperson’s responsibility to sell you when you shop at a store, it’s your responsibility to sell your child on things in life.

Sadly, many parents don’t have any idea that selling is of the utmost importance in raising kids. If you don’t want the media, school buddies, other relatives, etc. to sell your kids in life, you have to become a seller.

If you don’t sell your kids life lessons, someone else will.

Remember the only difference between close and lose is the letter ‘c’ which stands for commitment. In the business world or in the home, you must be committed to having success! I’d encourage you to learn to master sales. I created Cardone University, not just for those who are professional salespeople; I created it for all people to learn the much-needed life skill of selling.

Your friend in business and sales,

Grant Cardone