Amazon Go is going to ruin 3,424,200 jobs in the U.S. alone

I ran across an article yesterday talking about how Amazon has big plans with getting into the physical grocery space. The big idea behind these new grocery stores—which are called Amazon Go—is that they won’t use cashiers and registers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 3,424,200 people were employed as cashiers in 2014. No need for a register, no need for a cashier.

But this is what people want. They want to get in and get out so they can go on to their next activity. Don’t be stuck fighting for $15/hour when you should be looking to change your career. No matter what business you are in, speed is power.

The technology of how they make this possible isn’t as important as the fact that they are providing a solution to a major problem for people: time. You walk in, scan your phone and when you are done shopping, you simply walk out of the store and Amazon will automatically charge your credit card on your Amazon account and send the receipt to your phone.

The bigger the problems and the more people who benefit from the solution the more powerful your success will be.

To expand your business today, you need to be built for speed in the marketplace. Amazon has always been built for speed, that’s how they’ve grown from a small company in 1994 to the mammoth they are today. Genghis Khan would not have created the largest land empire in history if he was riding on a tortoise. That Mongol was galloping on a stallion. When you act with speed you can rapidly enlarge your territory and take market from your competitors.

I am always expanding. All empires that are content with the status quo eventually shrink and cease to exist. Speed is power, so the most effective thing you can do to increase responses with customers is to act with speed. Most businesses today move slowly—just walk into the average retailer; sloths. There is no urgency, and you will likely have to put up with long checkout lines.

Be fast today.

Work to make sure your business operates with speed. Amazon Go has plans on possibly building up to 2,000 physical grocery stores across the U.S. over the next decade. That is 200 a year, with the first one planned for early 2017 in Seattle and others quickly following in the Bay area, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami.

Any technology that will speed things up for people and make our lives easier and more convenient will be around to stay. Cashiers bitching about not making $15 an hour won’t have a job soon. They will be replaced by technology. Amazon Go looks to be setting a new standard speed for grocery stores. You too need to look at how your business can set your industry’s speed. Be the pace setter, not a follower. Dominate your space.

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