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Grant Cardone and Alex Charfen

In this Show

Every week on Power Players Grant Cardone shares with you someone who has gotten themselves, their family and their business into a place of power.

His company has been on INC 500 three times. It is a $500-million dollar company that primarily talks to real estate agents and entrepreneurs.

Before he was on Fox TV or business shows he realized there was another channel of communication. He came to this at the age of 3 and knew he did not fit in, especially at school.

It was really hard for him when he first came to the United States from Mexico when he saw the dishonesty between adults—the lack of transparency. And he realized in his 30s that entrepreneurs took the career path they did because they can’t—they literally can’t—follow other people’s rules.

He loves to learn like crazy. He will read 13 books on one subject and be totally consumed until he understands it.

Watch the full episode to hear the rest of his amazing origins and how he rose to power.

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