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Grant Cardone TV is for entrepreneurs, business owners, go-getters, startups, sales organizations, and success-minded people that want to control where they get their news and their solutions.

This channel is for those that refuse to be spectators and demand to be in control of the content they receive, understanding that the outcomes of life are literally the thoughts that you consume. I conceived this network because so many people tell me they are sick of watching television delivering bad news, the next crisis, or threats that are driven by political agendas. These stations are forced to propagate lies on one side and please advertisers on the other. For six minutes you hear about the travesties of the world, then for three minutes during the break, Big Pharma convinces you that depression is a disease and if you aren’t depressed something else is sure to be wrong with you.

Consider the last time you watched a ball game at home, tweeted about it with me @grantcardone from your phone while receiving an instant message from your spouse for the grocery list. Multi-tasking exploded with the advent of technology, wireless internet, and cloud-based storage. Eight-hundred television channels make up cable and satellite with major networks—all trying to survive with ad dollars—that are now forced to get eyeballs in order to maintain ad revenue. But those 800 channels are delivering their agendas on their schedules, so you can understand why Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, and similar platforms are taking market share from these traditional mediums.

Today’s consumer wants to consume what they want when they want it.

Just as importantly, there exists a growing number of people realizing that in order to succeed they must be in control of what they take into their mind. The late Maya Angelou said, “You are the sum total of everything you have ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot—it’s all there.” Gandhi said, “A man is the product of these thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.”

Where do the people of the world get their information from today? And what kind of information is it?

I created Grant Cardone TV to have an alternative place for people to get their ideas, news, strategies, and information. I want to provide people with the content they want when they want it and provide them with solutions—not just problems.

Grant Cardone TV is for those that want the truth.

A place where simple answers are given to the challenges we all face in the world of business, finance, career, and success.

Be great, nothing else pays!
Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone is the author of eight business books, thirteen business programs, and is the CEO of seven privately held companies.  Forbes calls him one of the top social media business influencers in the world. Cardone founded and manages a real estate investment firm, Cardone Capital, with $1Billion assets under management. He also travels the world consulting Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, startups and governments on business expansion. One of his enterprises recently hosted The 10X Growth Conference at Miami Marlins Park in Miami, Florida with over 34,000 business people and entrepreneurs in attendance from over fifty countries. Mr. Cardone resides in Miami with his wife, Elena Cardone and their two children, Sabrina and Scarlett.

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