92% Of All Customer Interactions Happen Over the Phone—Here’s How You Can Go From Mediocre to Master

What’s the difference between the mediocre and the master? The master gets appointments and gets people to show up to those appointments. Do you have a simple, consistent, and proven approach for asking for appointments and getting them? Or do you just take calls, give out information, and hope that somebody will wander in someday? This is the game setter, to convince someone to stop what they’re doing and make time in their schedule to either come to you or for you to come to them.

Here are some phrases to use:

  1. When can you be available to come in and look at what we have?
  2. What is a good time for us to get together this afternoon?
  3. Will you be able to make it tonight?
  4. When can you come in today?
  5. What is the most convenient time to get together today?

What is common to all of this? I’m assuming an appointment and I’m giving people choices. Always ask. Even if you don’t believe you can get one, ask. Always offer choices as to when. And always know you’re going to get it. Even if you take a call at 9:00 PM and you close in 30 minutes, ask if they can meet that night. You want to create urgency. I’m a ‘now’ guy. For the right reasons and the right amount of urgency, you can get appointments.

If you don’t believe you’re going to get an appointment, you won’t get one. If you don’t ask for one you’re not going to get one. If you don’t offer choices you’re not going to get one. It’s not true that people won’t come see you. It is true that you don’t offer enough reasons for them to come see you. Asking for an appointment today will create more objections than any other part of the call. You have to be ready for them. If you are uncommitted to your trade, you won’t know how to handle objections.

You are going to get hit with appointment stalls. These are the things you’re going to hear and what you could say in response:

Stall #1 “I can’t make it today.”

Response: “Sure you can make it in. I assure you it’ll be worth your time.”

Stall #2 “I can’t come until the weekend.”

Response: “I understand if you can’t make it. How about if I deliver the info to you?”

Stall #3 “I can’t come in until I know I can afford it.”

Response: “I assure you it won’t be a waste of time, and the information is free.”

Stall #4 “I live too far away.”

Response: “Hey, no problem. I know how busy you are. How about I come to you? If you’re not satisfied, I wouldn’t expect you to do business with us.”

Stall #5 “Give me the information, then I’ll come in.”

Response: “Make ten minutes for yourself. I’m sure it’ll be worth it to you.”

Stall #6 “I don’t know when I can make it.”

Response: “That’s why I’m suggesting that you come today. With all our promos and specials going on, I’m sure we can make it work.”

Stall #7 “I don’t have time.”

Response: “I understand. And if you leave right now, you’d be here before 5. If it’s not worth your time, I’ll buy your fuel.”

Stall #8 “I’m shopping around.”

Response: “You’ll have all the information in your inbox before we hang up. But you’ll still want to see the thing in person to make the best decision.”

Stall #9 “I’m not making a decision for awhile.”

Response: “If you make the time today, I’ll make it worth your time. Head on over here, and call as many other places as you want on your way. I’ll show you exactly what we can do—and some exciting options—once you’re here.”

Stall #10 “I have other plans tonight.”

Response: “Let’s make this part of your plans. Just give me 10 minutes on your way.”

Remember it takes pressure to create anything valuable. I’m going to apply some pressure because I’m the best person to do business with and the best product in the marketplace. Don’t let stalls end the call. Come up with responses to the phrases you hear so you can push past the stall and get appointments.

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