8 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone Service – Part 7

There are only 8 reasons a business owner would make a change their business phone system and this article covers the 7th reason.


The 1st reason is: Hardware or Software Failure

The 2nd reason is: Office Move

The 3rd reason is: Contract, Circuit, or Maintenance Renewal

The 4th reason is: Growth, Expansion, Multi-Location

The 5th reason is: Capacity

The 6th reason is: Price

The 7th reason is: Features & Benefits


The 7th reason a company would make a change to their business communications has to do with Features & Benefits.


As with all technology, a business phone system, is obsolete within 12-18 months of being installed in your office, and needing to be replaced within 36-60 months. Having a phone system in your office is the equivalent of having an analog phone on the wall of your home.


Most people no longer have a home phone, but everyone has a cell phone in their pocket or purse. Why is that? Cell phones are more convenient and offer many more features and benefits. You now have the ability to talk to anyone at any time without having to find a payphone or wait until you get to a phone.


The same is true for your business. Many business owners realize that the phone is the lifeline of their business. It’s a money making tool and, used correctly, gives them an advantage over their competition down the street.


Some of the features and respective benefits that we see businesses take advantage of are as follows:


Voicemail to Email – This is a common feature that allows a user to have all voicemail messages sent to their email, meaning that they never have to miss a message, and more importantly, they never have to check their voicemail on the phone!


Simultaneous Ring – This feature is a personal favorite. When you walk away from your desk or if you are on the road, your desk phone will ring, as well as your cell phone. You NEVER have to miss an important call.


Audio & Video Conferencing – Gone are the days of needing a 3rd party service to provide conferencing for you. Now each user can have their own personal conference room to share with other participants.


Disaster Recovery – Not “if”, but “when” a power outage or circuit outage happens, with a typical PBX phone system, you are down. No calls can be made in or out. With a hosted system, that’s no longer a problem, your calls can be directed to a cell phone, voicemail, or another branch office.


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The best solution is to leverage a system that is hosted; one that will allow you to grow your business, expand your staff, and add more customers without the threat of an outage, expensive maintenance, and technical obsolescence. With a hosted system, phone calls are routed over the Internet and the service provider typically has a highly available, geographically redundant hardware and server infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to worry about hardware or software failure, maintenance updates or upgrades, and internet circuit or phone line outages. You can focus on hyper-growing your business.


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