8 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone Service – Part 6

There are only 8 reasons a business owner would make a change their business phone system and this article covers the 6th reason.


The first reason is: Hardware or Software Failure

The second reason is: Office Move

The third reason is: Contract, Circuit, or Maintenance Renewal

The fourth reason is: Growth, Expansion, Multi-Location

The fifth reason is: Capacity

The sixth reason is: Price


The sixth reason a company would make a change to their business communications has to do with price. In many cases, the cost of the phone lines alone can pay for a new phone system.


There are many factors that go into calculating the total cost of your business phone system:


  • Voice & Data Circuits
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes
  • Power Consumption
  • Real Estate Space
  • Property Taxes
  • Hardware & Software Capital Expense
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Software Updates, Upgrades
  • Local/LD/Toll-Free Usage
  • Regulatory Taxes and Fees


These are all tangible costs you can easily quantify. What about the costs that you can’t easily capture?


  • Lost Opportunity Costs
  • Lost Productivity
  • Power or Circuit Outages


Opportunity: If your prospects are not able to reach you, they will call another vendor, causing you to lose potential business. If your system doesn’t have features allowing you to capture that caller, you are missing an easy way to make money. How much is a new customer worth?


Productivity: If customers and vendors are not able to reach you or have to play phone-tag to get ahold of you, not only is it frustrating for them, but it also increases the time to conduct business, introducing extra wasted time into the equation, and decreasing productivity. What’s that costing you?


Outages: With an on-premise system, a business is susceptible to power and circuit outages. When this happens, obviously, your business is down, your employees are unable to work, and customers/prospects are unable to reach you. What does it cost you to be down for a day due to a phone system outage or circuit outage?


The best solution is to leverage a system that is hosted; one that will allow you to grow your business, expand your staff, and add more customers without the threat of an outage, expensive maintenance, and technical obsolescence. With a hosted system, phone calls are routed over the Internet and the service provider typically has a highly available, geographically redundant hardware and server infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to worry about hardware or software failure, maintenance updates or upgrades, and internet circuit or phone line outages. You can focus on hyper-growing your business.


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