8 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone Service – Part 4

There are only 8 reasons a business owner would make a change their business phone system and this article covers the 4th reason.


The first reason is: Hardware or Software Failure.

The second reason is: Office Move.

The third reason is: Contract, Circuit, or Maintenance Renewal

The fourth reason is: Growth, Expansion, Multi-Location


The best position a business can be in is in growth mode. When you are growing, you’re hiring additional team members, adding a new location, expanding to a new market, or even making an acquisition of a competitor or complementary business.


There are also challenges with growth mode, such as how to control cash, how to manage capacity, management, client retention and acquisition, culture, etc. These are normal challenges with any business, but more so when you have momentum as a one degree shift can have a great impact on the business.


When you have multiple locations, you also have to consider the logistics of communication between offices internally, but also, from the outside with your prospects, customers, and vendors.


Businesses with multiple locations typically have disparate phone systems at each location, making it impossible to transfer calls between sites, make calls between sites, have a consistent call flow for customers, allocate users into logical groups like hunt groups across offices, etc. They also cannot take advantage of other benefits of inter-office communications like Instant Messaging, Presence, Audio, and Video Conferencing to name a few. Additionally, if one location is out of power or has an outage with the phone equipment or phone lines, the other locations are not able to provide coverage.


The best solution is to leverage a system that is hosted; one that will allow you to grow your business, expand your staff, and add more customers without the threat of an outage, expensive maintenance, and technical obsolescence. With a hosted system, phone calls are routed over the Internet and the service provider typically has a highly available, geographically redundant hardware and server infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to worry about hardware or software failure, maintenance updates or upgrades, and internet circuit or phone line outages. You can focus on hyper-growing your business.


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