8 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone Service – Part 3

We are in part 3 of an 8-part series discussing the reasons a business would make a change to their business phone service. There are only 8 reasons anyone would make a change and this article covers the 3rd reason.


The first reason is: Hardware or Software Failure.

The second reason is: Office Move.

The third reason is: Contract, Circuit, or Maintenance Renewal


Phone companies, like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc., typically require you to sign a 3-year contract to lock in a price or a pricing “discount” in exchange for your commitment. Most of them have penalties for early termination or cancellation of services. And some have an auto-renew clause built into the contract so that if you do not give 30 days’ notice prior to the agreement end date, you’re locked in again for another 1-3 years, or have to pay a premium rate for month-to-month service out-of-contract.


What typically happens is that business owners delegate this decision to purchasing or an administrative resource, and the task then becomes “how can we renew our service and keep it the same”. Often you get locked into a contract that marries you to the old technology that you have.


Before your contract renews is the best time for a business leader to get educated on what peers in the industry are using and look for ways to remain competitive and relevant for your customers. It’s important for you to know all of your options.


The best solution is to leverage a system that is hosted; one that will allow you to grow your business, expand your staff, and add more customers without the threat of an outage, expensive maintenance, and technical obsolescence. With a hosted system, phone calls are routed over the Internet and the service provider typically has a highly available, geographically redundant hardware and server infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to worry about hardware or software failure, maintenance updates or upgrades, and internet circuit or phone line outages. You can focus on hyper-growing your business.


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