8 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone Service – Part 2

We are in part 2 of an 8-part series discussing the reasons a business would make a change to their business phone service. There are only 8 reasons anyone would make a change and this articles covers the 2nd reason.


The first reason is: Hardware or Software Failure.

The second reason is: Office Move.


When an office decides to re-locate, there are a lot of capital expenditures that have to be made to bring up a new office. Those include, infrastructure improvements, office furniture, security systems, and phone systems to name a few.


The problem with moving a phone system is that the costs to move, maintain, and support it are greater than the value of keeping it. With a phone system lasting an average of 5 years, it’s likely that the technology is several generations behind, meaning you would need to make an investment in an outdated solution.


The cost to have someone move the system to the new office is easy to calculate, but the greater cost is the new cabling that will have to be run at the new facility, budgeted at $200 per phone drop, or $10,000 for a 50 person company. There would also be some professional services required to program the old system and new phone lines.


There would, obviously, be an outage during the move, while your system is being relocated and installed, depending on the implementation plan your vendor has in place.


Another issue that is often experienced in a move is that your phone numbers are not always supported in a new area or rate center, meaning that you have to forward your main number or get a new one.


Moving a legacy phone system is expensive and can be problematic, therefore, most business owners decide to leave the old system behind.


The best solution is to leverage a system that is hosted; one that will allow you to grow your business, expand your staff, and add more customers without the threat of an outage, expensive maintenance, and technical obsolescence. With a hosted system, phone calls are routed over the Internet and the service provider typically has a highly available, geographically redundant hardware and server infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to worry about hardware or software failure, maintenance updates or upgrades, and internet circuit or phone line outages. You can focus on hyper-growing your business.


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