8 Figure Funnel Map with Zach Johnson

Learn how to go from $100K/month to $1 Million/month. Trevor and Zach talk about how to architect a profitable sales funnel and seamlessly turn $1 into $3 every single day… from optimizing your organic traffic (from things like your website and blog), to creating a predictable and profitable paid advertising campaign that funnels consistent money into your business. As Zach says, “The money is in the metrics.” and the key to getting there is “paid advertising.”
The founder of GameChangerProfits.com, Zach manages several 6, 7 and 8 figure funnels and knows every metric, every tool, and every step of them and how to scale them. He and his team design the strategy, copy, automation, analytics, dashboard, and paid advertising for his clients.

Zach reveals four main parts to how you can crack the code:
STRATEGY – Creating the overall strategy for your business and funnel
COPY – Creating copy that converts
AUTOMATION – technical implementation and automation to setting it all up
OPTIMIZE – The money is in the metrics, analytics

To get his free gift go to: www.greatnessquest.com/gamechanger

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