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Many of us dream up the perfect pool scenario with waterfalls, bridges, hammocks, unicorns, leprechauns and other figments of our imagination. Truth is, a real pool without all your amazing options is always better than a magical pool that lives inside your head. So here are 7 ways to spice up your real-life pool without having to go buy a unicorn.

1. Colors!

I am so happy to say that white pools have served their purpose in this world and blue hues, teal, ocean-colored pool finishes are the new standard. This one simple (but sometimes costly) feature is worth the investment as it can give you that “Malibu” vibe.

If you’re already on the Malibu-esque wave, then add a pop of color and put a border on that baby. This works as a color “pop” and also a shape “pop”. Fiberglass pools use this method most commonly.

2. Define your patio

3. Contour like a Kardashian

Another super effective option is an arched gate for your fence (I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but it has more to do with the arched part). You can read all about the life-changing effects of a fence below, but if you have one already, then an arched gate will revolutionize your contour game!

4. On the Fence

 One thing is certain- we’re NOT on the fence about fences. There are many modern or traditional styles to choose from. Whichever look you’re going for (Cali Surfer or Taj Mahal), there’s a fence for you. Plus, fences are very low maintenance. I mean, when was the last time you watered your fence? 

There are always expensive options for you backyard enthusiasts. Brick pillars with black aluminum are divine and divinely pricey. So you can go the hefty funds route, or putting down some gravel between your pool and the fence could be enough for you. All these options are great choices for both novice and expert.

5. Greens and Blooms

6. Please Go Chasing Waterfalls

The popularity of waterfalls in pool areas has rocketed over the years. Maybe it’s because people love how much of a peaceful and relaxing impact they have on your backyard. Features including water (bubbling brook, stone artwork with cascading water) are often used in spas and yoga retreats… why not save the money and just get one of those set up at home? Plus, you won’t have to watch anyone else do downward dog unless you really want to.

7. Lights, Camera, Lighting!
All of the beautiful changes and updates that you make to your pool really don’t mean much if you can’t see them at night. This is the last step, but certainly not the least. Whether it’s short garden lights to brighten up your beautiful gravel pathway, or leftover tree lights around the patio furniture, you’ll want your friends and family to be as jealous of your pool area at night as they definitely will be during the day.

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