7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases – Tom Alston

Top Aviation Attorney Shares His Experience for Buying Aircraft
By Thomas Alston
Aircraft are never a small purchase, and the price tag gets very big, very fast. Like any big purchase, you need to be smart about the process from start to finish. That means assembling the right team of experts to help you through every step of the way.
The right lawyer is a lynchpin member of that team, and if you want one of the best teams in the business, that means Aero Law Group. Experts in their field, this group of lawyers have been involved in the purchase of over three thousand aircraft over the years.
We sat down with Kevin Austin, the founding attorney of Aero Law Group, to get his tips on how to be smart about aircraft purchases. As a note, the ideas and tips mentioned in this article are general insights based on experience, and in no way, constitute legal advice.
Aero & Marine Tax Professionals: Who are the important players in an aircraft purchases?
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