7 Steps to Handling Your Debt with Life Coach Robb Thompson

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Robert “Robb” D. Thompson motivational speaker and entrepreneur talks about the 7 steps to handling debt.  Watch along as this multi-millionaire will teach you how to get out of debt! Also check out his free books at his website listed above.

  • Mrs. Margaret Mary Welz

    Pastor Robb. For the first time in my life, I asked GOD for a husband because it was after Confirmation in 4th grade in a catholic grammer school playground, went home and I told Mom, “I’m not goin’ to church anymore. You can keep those people. That is not Jesus.” And Mom said, “When I grow up, I will understand.” Meanwhile my girlfriend’s Mom, another catholic, turned us onto Astrology and I opened the door of The Occult. When GOD called in in 1983, He impressed upon me to get a bible and study, read it. When I came across how Astrology is an abomirination to THE LORD, I had an official renounciation of Astrology and threw it all out of my life. So now I am Occult demon free and can read and understand THE WORD OF GOD. So, while I was working full time and was learning about Publix Wise Organics as a food demonstrator and my new husband loves fried foods and at our local Health Food Store Martha’s, I find thee oil Grapeseed Oil to use instead of other oils because it does not become carcinogenic in high heet. A little fried foods is alright in moderation but my husband likes REFRIED BEANS and eat them almost everyday, sometimes for lunch and dinner. So now I am studying about the latest health finds in cooking and learning about organics and how to prepare them healthfully and it’s different than how we have been taught and now I am studying herbs and everything from soup to nuts to Chinese Medicine. Phew and one day The Holy Spirit rains down ideas and concepts for a big business. Building a franchise is also in it and I responded, a little fearful and intimidated by the GREAT big plan GOD’s raining down on me and He says, “I AM THE GOD who gave Noah the instructions for the first ever lifeboat in a desert.” And I got jiggy wit it. Did GOD know I would fall on my tailbone and break my back and everything that happened after that? Don’t know. This I know. GOD is still on the throne and I am His.