I believe it is unethical to come up short.

While I miss targets constantly, I never make excuses for why I come up short. Making sense of missing quotas is insane—never allow it. You must create a culture that makes missing quotas unacceptable. If you are the boss or a manager, it’s your job to make sure every person in the organization hits their quota.

An 87% failure rate is terrible on anyone’s scale—and the solution isn’t to reduce the target.

Are you tired of missing sales yet?

The bad news is that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That means the majority of Americans don’t have enough money in their savings account to cover unexpected expenses. You need the money, your company needs the money, and our economy needs the money. Sales is the only way to grow your business and finances, yet most companies have terrible conversion rates. People are not properly motivated. What’s missing are the fundamentals of selling basics.

The good news is that this is all fixable. You don’t need to have 87% of your people miss quota. This is something that is controllable. Anyone can learn to sell and anyone can sell more. A few years ago I realized that the sales approach hadn’t kept up with technology so I created a modern training solution, a platform where you can get your entire organization on board and have daily sales meetings distributed to all your employees to increase engagement, have accountability and get reports so you can measure the training.

7 Reasons You Are Missing Sales

1. Hiring Mistakes—Hiring the wrong people costs money and it wastes time. There are solutions to help with this problem. Try a DISC assessmentfind out more in this free eBook.

2. Disengagement—70% of employees are disengaged at their job. Your sales team know people right now who will buy your product if they were simply contacted. If your team isn’t engaged, you aren’t a sales focused organization. You need daily meetings, you need a platform to provide motivation and skills, and you need to offer opportunities for bonus money.

3. No Playbook—90% of salespeople have never read a book on sales. Can you imagine employing a finance guy who has never read a book on finances? Look, chefs need recipes. A sports coach needs a playbook. A playbook provides information on rejection, motivation, stalls, negotiating and more. If you have a playbook it has to be dynamic and deliverable when the salesperson needs it.

4. No Follow-Up—48% of sales people never follow-up. Only 2% of sales are made on the first contact. How many people make one lazy attempt at follow-up before quitting? For follow-up to be effective you need to create scripts for it, get creative, and be held accountable.

5. No Close—72% salespeople never ask for the order. Closing is an entirely different skill than selling. You need to make a habit of training daily and using role play to practice handling the different objections your team faces. Stop practicing on the customer.

6. Time Management—82% of sales managers don’t have time to train their staff. You should focus on activities that sell vs. activities that do not. Sales are what makes your business go!

7. Failed Training—The only reason to do sales training is to increase sales. There is no other reason. Sales training is not a sales activity and should not be done on the job, during a call, at someone’s door, or take away from a customer experience.

Don’t let your sales team practice on your customers anymore.

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Before you calculate the cost of training you should calculate the cost of mishandling opportunities that result from not training people in your company. Sales training fails many companies because it is incorrectly implemented, not measurable, outdated and not relevant.

Sales training must actually assist in solving problems and improve the sales effectiveness of the organization. I promise you my platform handles everything you need.

Quit being tired of missing sales and start making them,