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We all want to add value to our homes- whether it be to enjoy it ourselves or make a profit flipping homes. One of the best and quickest ways to do that is landscape design. The great thing about landscaping is the fact that you can actually do a lot of it yourself. Of course a professional can always do it much faster and possibly better, but if you’re up for the challenge- here are a few trends that have become more popular every year.


1. Taking it Outside

Whether you live in the peaceful beachside Hamptons or you’re in the heart of Manhattan, you’ve probably started noticing that everyone’s outdoor spaces are beginning to look cozier- more “indoorsy”. It’s as easy as extending a canopy over your terrace and throwing some extra furniture you have around the house. Older furniture works great this way too, as there is more wear and tear damage outside.


2. Cook in Your Nook

Outdoor kitchens are also gaining speed. Whether it’s a decked out kitchen with all the best appliances and gizmos, or just a mini with the essentials. Entertaining has always revolved around food, and the best summer parties are the ones we throw outside… So it only makes sense to have a cooking station out there as well!


3. Light My Fire

It’s as romantic as it sounds, which is probably why it’s gotten to be almost a necessity for an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit in every outdoor space. It can help rekindle a romance (although we cannot guarantee that one) or just create a cozy, warm atmosphere on a cool summer’s night. Roast up some marshmallows with the family over a firepit or go for a more sophisticated stone, brick, or even portable steel unit- all of which are quite marshmallow friendly!


4. Eat Your Greens!

Everyone is going more green, and we love it. However, eating the greens that you grow is something we have loved even more in top trends. A herb garden of rosemary, basil, tarragon, and thyme can look (and smell) just as beautiful on a salad as they do in your garden. It has an element of hard work to it, but if you’re a bit lazy (like the rest of us), there are dozens of watering systems that you can purchase or install quite simply. The main thing to remember with growing food is this- plant the things you enjoy eating! That way it is more of a joy than a chore.

5. Glass

Glass walls have been a game-changer the past few years. They’re the Rolls-Royce of outdoor decor. Not that this has to be an expensive venture, but it adds that high-end look to your backyard.  The best ways we have seen this done is with verandas or terraces that connect to the house directly- the glass wall effect here makes your backyard enjoyable from indoors- and a great option in places that have high wind or lots of rainfall (we got you, Seattle!).


6. Water Under the Bridge

We’ve noticed the best compliment for a beautiful green yard is a beautiful blue body of water. This can be as easy as a piece of wood over a riverbed of rocks, or as complicated as a cascading water wall with ambient sounds. Trickling water has a relaxing effect and fountains are always a people pleaser. Ponds have been around forever, so we won’t go there- but we have loved them since they’ve been around. Whichever water style you choose, the lucky thing is that there’s really no way to go wrong with it.  


7. Follow the Yellow Brick Walkway (although we don’t suggest yellow)

Another popular way to spice up the look of your house (and get your neighbors talking) is to have a well-designed path leading up to your home. This is also a great place to add your larger plants, hanging gardens on a trellis, or a variety of different statement pieces to complement your landscaping. If you already have a concrete walkway, try breaking it up with some flagstones or wood rounds. We’ve seen far too many beautiful houses with less-than-beautiful walkways that completely throw off the experience. And we’re suckers for a good landscaping experience!

2016 has already been a great year for landscaping trends and the most important thing to remember- above all- don’t let them overwhelm you! Pick one or two, put a few on a dream board, don’t think that everything has to be done before your in-laws visit next week. Follow the trends freely, but know that you can also be creative and who knows- maybe your fresh ideas will become a 2017 trend.

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