7 Figure Traffic Secrets

Chris Record LIVE in Las Vegas! Chris is a 7-figure earner in the Internet Marketing industry, who is building several POWERFUL online brands that are making a HUGE impact in people’s lives. Once you’ve mastered the traffic game, you can generate unlimited wealth, unlimited abundance, and unlimited income, in any niche you want. If you’ve ever wanted to “really” know what it takes to build a 7-figure business, or how to generate some massive TRAFFIC, you are going to LOVE this episode of Greatness Quest.

He started designing websites in 1998 for clients for as little as $300 and then began optimizing those websites for clients to get them ranked higher in the search engines in the early 2000’s. This eventually led to Chris’s breakthrough with Google Adsense which resulted in his first $20,000 month online.

In 2014, he launched Dark Post Profits 1.0 which was a course used by thousands that taught the fundamentals of paid advertising on the Facebook platform, as well as creative strategies to drive massively profitable campaigns.

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