6 Steps to Overcoming the Fear of Saying Hello

Your first interaction with someone is a golden opportunity to create certainty, trust, and immediately provide value to the customer or prospect. A greeting may seem simple—it’s just saying hello, right? No, the greeting is your first chance to make an impression on your customer, and what you say—and how you say it—will set the tone for the rest of the deal. I put together a list of what NOT to do and the exact steps TO do. Make sure you go through both of them.

The greeting should build trust, put the customer at ease, and get you on common ground.

Here is a list I put together of what NOT to do in the greeting:

  1. Not greeting customer enthusiastically
  2. Not introducing yourself
  3. Not getting their name
  4. Qualifying financial ability
  5. Taking unfriendliness personal
  6. Not approaching problems as opportunities
  7. Not smiling
  8. Saying “no”
  9. Saying “I can’t”
  10. Telling a customer to wait
  11. Giving figures without the right setting
  12. Disagreeing
  13. Arguing
  14. Not dressing appropriately
  15. Poor Hygiene
  16. Being Negative
  17. Not giving the buyer hope
  18. Saying “I don’t know”
  19. Smoking
  20. Hanging out in huddles with other salespeople
  21. Using Slang
  22. Asking for a commitment prematurely
  23. Giving price or information before knowing what they want
  24. Spending too much time in the greeting

Terrible, but commonly used greetings include:

“Can I help you?”

“What can I do for you?”

“Here’s my card, if you need anything I’ll be over there.”

“Anyone got you yet?”

These are atrocious and awful. They come from a lack of preparation. Any salesperson that greets you like this shows they are an amateur. I want you to be a PRO.

Here are the 6 steps I want you to take to have the perfect greeting:

  1. Go to the buyer or prospect, do not have them come to you.
  2. Begin with, “Welcome, my name is ________, and yours?” And put your hand out for a handshake.
  3. Remember, they are there for themselves, not for you. Don’t tell them your life story or make small talk. You must be interested in THEM.
  4. They are REAL prospects. Somehow, in some way, some time in the future, they WILL buy from you.
  5. Treat all prospects and customers as BUYERS from the beginning, through the pitch, through the presentation, through the close, and on through the follow-up.
  6. Quit looking for reasons why they won’t buy. Only focus on reasons they will. Do they have nice clothes, drive a nice car, have an expensive watch? They’re buyers.


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Be great,


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