1. “I can’t wait for the weekend.”
This is the person who is proud to basically say, “I’m not productive, I’m looking forward to doing nothing until Friday night when I can go and drink, and then do nothing all day Saturday.”

Listen, if you are one of these people you aren’t becoming more valuable by saying this. What does looking forward to the weekend do for you today? Make the most of today! Don’t hate your job, don’t wait for something else to happen. Don’t tolerate it when your co-workers say this!

2. “I’ve got a case of the Mondays.”
This really means I have no clue why I go to work, what I’m going to do today, and I have no goals. If you were going to become a billionaire next Monday, or change the world somehow on Monday, would you still say “I Hate Mondays”? If you were going on vacation would you hate Monday? Stop wasting your boss’ money clocking in Monday mornings like you are going to a death camp. It’s work—it ain’t bad if you have a purpose.

3. “I’ll do it when I get to it.”
Translated, “I’m not getting to it right now because this isn’t a priority to me like it is to you.” People who say this get easily “overwhelmed”. Look, just say you’ll get it handled. Don’t give excuses. You make time when you make a commitment.Your boss wouldn’t ask you to do it if he wanted it done sometime in the distant future. He or she wants it done now. Next time someone says this tell them, “how bout you get to it now?”

4. “I’m only human.”
Really means, “I’m a screw up”. It seems rational, as we all make mistakes. But why be reminded of it? Every time someone proclaims they are “just human” they tell the world that they can’t create, can’t make the impossible happen, have limitations, and are unable to step up.

Personally, I want to be unbelievable—Superman and Batman. Nobody needs to admit they are a screw-up.

5. “I’m a lover, not a fighter”
Really means, “I won’t fight for me, you, or us”. I don’t want someone who won’t take a stand. I want some fighters around me. To punch the way out of a situation you need fighters, not lovers. The moment things get tough you need fighters. You want people willing to get their hands dirty. Stop trying to have everyone like you—even the president of the United States has about half of the population against him!

6. “It is what it is.”
They say it with so much confidence. Really what they are saying is, “I play candy crush way too much. I am a victim. I am being played by the universe.” These people sit on the bench of life, mere spectators. They can’t make life happen and so have given up.

The reality is, “it is whatever you want it to be”. Don’t just go along for the ride, taking whatever others throw your way. This is the person who thinks they are entitled to a little bit and won’t work for the rest.

These are just a few of the dumb things people say every day. Don’t be one of them! Remember that what comes out of a person’s mouth comes from what’s inside them. If you find negative words coming out, it’s because you have a negative mindset.

Get your mindset right and it will get your tongue right. If you need encouragement to stay positive, check out Cardone University to not just start doing the right things—but to start saying the right things.

Be great,