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50 Shades of Green

In this Show

Young Hustlers addresses the Millennial myths put out by the media telling you that you won’t be successful, you’re stuck behind the curve, and you cannot break free. You can be a millionaire by the time you are 30. And if you are already 30, you can fix the problems that kept you from becoming one.

Today Jarrod talks about dominating your money. Millennials are lined up to be the first generation to not be better off than the previous generation. That doesn’t have to be our fate.

“Are you money dominant or money submissive?”

Dominant Money:
1. Awareness of your financial goals
2. Daily targets for your income
3. High levels of responsibility
4. Viewing wealth as a tool for freedom, not just to buy ‘things’

Submissive Money:
1. Apathetic about your finances
2. Oblivious of what you spend
3. Unaware of what you actually make
4. Zero money to invest; always broke
5. No plan in place to accumulate or invest money

You can’t be a little bitch, you can’t play the victim—otherwise you’ll be in the submissive category. You have to take control. Don’t go out and buy a new watch. Don’t get a new car. Turn your new money into a new stream of income so you have multiple streams coming in and building your wealth.

Have daily income targets. Have financial goals that you are constantly focusing on.

Whip Your Income Into Shape:
1. Saving isn’t your problem, producing is
2. Put the cuffs on purchases
3. Spank, hunt and dominate the competition

If you ran out of food, you would begin to ration it, and spread out your meals, so that you could survive. You need to do that with your finances. Sleep on an air mattress. Drive a busted car. Don’t go out popping bottles at the club.

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