5 Reasons Your Missing Sales Because of Your Phone – Bullfrog

  1. Simplifies Communication. UC provides you a single platform that integrates all your applications in one location. All communications, emails, notifications, calendar events, and etc integrate with one location where you can access and share with your team members,  vendors, and customers.
  2. Reduce Costs and Boost ROI.  Businesses that rely on legacy business phones are often forced to use multiple application and services for collaboration. Using too many applications and tools can be very costly to a business and often overwhelms end users. Unified Communication eliminates many tools and brings collaboration to the next level by combining video conference, screen share, text messaging and etc on one single business phone application.
  3. Mobility: One of the biggest challenges with remote workers is the lack of effective collaboration with team members. This lack of effective communication can directly affect morale and unity. Beyond the physical distance, the psychological distance between everyone can lead team members to grow apart in ideas and goals. With Unified communication team members can easily communicate with any device with zero distance barrier and see each other’s status live.
  4. Improved customer engagement: Effective employee communication speeds up knowledge sharing among employees, this helps employees to become equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to improve customer engagement. UC provides robust communication platform to help employees communicate with vendors and customers without introducing additional tools.
  5. Easy to adapt: One of the challenges of adopting technological solutions in many businesses is the high training and deployment cost involved. Besides the cost of training, learning too many applications can also be time consuming and overwhelming. Since Unified Communication is a single application and runs on existing devices,  switching to unified communication does not require a huge investment in employee training or deployment.
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