The Four Quadrants of Real Estate

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How’s this for simplification? If it’s 1 door rent it, if there are many doors, own it. Today I want to tell you the 4 things you must know in every deal. Don’t get confused with all the lingo. All the quadrants matter, don’t get fixated on one of these. When one thing goes down, something else goes up.

1. Price
2. Down Payment
3. NOI
4. Cash on Cash

These are the 4 quadrants you need to look at in every real estate deal. One is not more important than the rest, they all tie together to make a deal good or bad.

Grant Cardone shares his simple formula for investing in real estate.

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  • Rui Marques

    Great Show Grant!!! The Best So far on Real Estate

  • Jason Ramer

    Great show – love the enthusiam, and willingness to help others. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ivo Baltic

    Grant, you’re the man! I love all of your products. You have helped me in every area in sales, now real estate. Thanks for all that you do! For anyone on here reading, I have all of Grants books & audio, I increased my sales well over 50%. Thanks GC.

  • Kaveh K.Shahi

    Grant, love the content. 4 things :
    1- I would like to hear you explain your equations more in detail. specifically the financing (debt per year) calculations and why you use 6% for P&I and what happens to property taxes and insurance.
    2- I would like to know what you believe the key numbers (parameters) are for a successful deal. Numbers that would only be realized with experience. for example what is the minimum cash on cash percentage you would accept and what should be the minimum down payment (if I cannot afford 25%).
    3- I would like to know about red flags off the bat in a deal and what to watch out for and not just the numbers. for example demographics, building condition, etc.
    3- I would like to know how you would go about investing in orange county, California in 2017 as a first time investor.

    Hope to hear back from you,


  • Filbert Archuleta

    Lmfao Grant, ooooh I feew aaaw waam insii. Love how you guys have fun doing what you love doing. Can’t wait till I can do some of my own deals and become accredited so I can do deals with you and Ryan.

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