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The Truth About 401K’s

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401K’s are not ok. Who’s got your money? You don’t want Wall Street having it. They created the 401K and are supported by politicians. They want your money now while you are young, so they make a pitch to the middle class to get people to give every month and keep your money for the next 40 years. You don’t need to go to Wikileaks to find all scams. To invest with somebody like Grant in real estate, they won’t let you because they made laws so that you have to make 200K a year first. They will let anybody invest with Wall Street though. The 401K gives no cash flow! You’re trapped. 2.8 trillion dollars are trapped in 401K’s, and people don’t even know who they are sending their money to. Would you give a stranger on the street corner money? It can be wiped out overnight, people lose 30% of their savings just like that.

Don’t do 401K’s for three reasons:

1. You lose access to your money
2. You lose control of your money
3. You lose choices with your money

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