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4 Ways Content Marketing Strengthens Your Brand

– Successful Content Marketing: How to focus on the “show” part of show and tell –


If you were to look at marketing like a spectrum, it would look something like this:

Infomercials< — Traditional Ads — > Content Marketing


I bet you can instantly think of several infomercials right off the bat.


Infomercials are memorable because they’re loud and obvious. But they’re also old, old-fashioned.

Content Marketing is different.

Nowadays, the tune of marketing is about nuance. Successful companies aren’t selling you products, they’re selling you ideas, memories, and experiences. We’ve all seen the Coca Cola commercials, right?

It’s all about subtlety, tact, and interesting, well-written content.

Not everyone has the budget to create great advertising campaigns like Coca Cola, Adidas, and Heineken. But we can engage in Content Marketing and you shouldn’t underestimate it.


Content Marketing is the creation of informative, valuable, and novel content as a means of bringing attention, credibility, and sales to your company. It is subtlety and tact at it’s finest.

What does successful Content Marketing do?

  • It associates your brand with positive industry elements and creates an engaging environment.
  • It organically improves SEO and increases traffic to your website where you can capture new leads and sales
  • It can lead to increased name recognition and reach, especially through the use of social media.
  • It creates a loyal fan base of people who keep coming back for more useful and interesting information.


How would successful content marketing look in practice?

Let’s say you own a software development company and you start creating articles and videos on how to achieve different outcomes using new technologies and platforms. They generate leads directly through clicks on their social media platforms as well as from internet searches of keywords found in their articles.


People who view this content feel that this company really knows what it’s doing and people who hadn’t even heard of his company before now consider this company when they need software developed. Others share their content on their personal social media platforms, extending the brand’s reach, and still more programmers bookmark their website as a source for tips and ideas about using these new technologies and platforms, associating this brand with usefulness and  innovation.

It’s a cycle that always brings people back to the brand.

Do you remember show and tell from elementary school? The “show” was infinitely more interesting than the “tell”. Well, Content Marketing shows. And it’ll make your brand stronger for less time and money than traditional marketing campaigns will anyways.

Where does Pixel506 fit into this?

Let Pixel506 handle your content marketing for you. We have experience with big and small companies and can take you to the next level of marketing. Check out our website at http://pixel506.com/ if you’d like to learn more about our services. You can also find us on social media, where we are constantly sharing tips and tricks of the trade.


You can find us, Pixel506, on Facebook (pixel506), Twitter (pixel506), and Instagram (pixel506official).


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