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The Three P’s of Marriage

In this Show

We’re talking about the business of marriage today, how you can make time for the kids and the biz. How do you do it all? Money helps. Production gets what you need because it allows you to buy the things you need so you can solve the problems and get back to the pleasure.

1. Pleasure—the things that you enjoy, the dinners, the time off, the rest.
2. Problems—the things that stop your pleasure, the pain, the undesirable things of life.
3. Production—the thing that helps you solve problems to get back to the pleasure.

Most people fail because they never confront the 2nd stage. What happens when things get tough? You’re going to have problems in your relationships. Pleasure is not going to solve your problems. The only thing that will get you out of your problem is production. You must produce money, love, romance, ideas. Production means to bring forth something. Do you know how to bring forth that which your husband or wife needs? A spouse can only make you so happy, you must produce in life to have sustained pleasure. To spend your life in pleasure you must produce! Get your production so high you can pay for all your problems.

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