3 Ways To Be Obsessed & Feed the Beast

The thought of reaching my potential feeds me. When you start feeding something, it gets stronger, bigger, and more powerful. Do you know what really feeds me? Success, winning, and production feed me. So many people on social media comment on my channels saying they admire my drive—my constant, nonstop push, and my ability to stay the course way after others would have taken time off.

You’ll see them ask me: “What drives you?” This one question might be the most important question that you personally ever answer. For me, it’s an ongoing, moment-by-moment effort to feed the beast in me.

When I say beast, I’m not talking about “beast” singular. At different points in your life, you’ll want to feed multiple beasts at the same time. These are goals that need to be fed, honored, and exercised. Some of my beasts are being the most successful guy in my space; getting my finances right; being a great family man; and setting a great example for others in this world.

I feed the beasts so my dreams have a chance of becoming reality.

If you ignore them or deny your beasts you will end up with weird, destructive obsessions. At the very least, when you suppress them, they will almost surely contort into envy, fear, doubt, and regret. If you stay focused on things that allow you and your business to grow, your obsessions can work for your own good.

Here are 3 Ways to be Obsessed and Feed the Beast:

1. Never decide something is impossible—A total stranger came up to me once and said, “I understand your goal is to have seven billion people know your name. Don’t you know that’s impossible?” I thought, This guy isn’t talking to me. He’s just trying to make sense of all that he has given up on in his own life. I don’t need people to remind me how difficult, unlikely, or even dangerous my personal goals are. I know it—and I’m still going to go for them because the alternative is too painful. You will judge yourself less for coming up short than you would for never going for it.

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2. Stay laser focused on your goals—Goals aren’t a New Year’s resolution or a journal entry or a bumper sticker; they are essential to your life’s happiness and being fulfilled. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t write goals down on a Post-it note and look at them once a month. Eat, sleep, and breathe your goals—not just because you “should” but because you can’t not. The moment you divert focus from your goals or take your eyes off them, you get lost in all the noise of the world. Decide to wake up and go to sleep focusing on your goals. Write them down every morning and read them every night until they really become a part of you.

3. Keep going forward—You want your attention constantly focused on the future rather than the past. What will you create tomorrow? What can you do that has never been done? Look at what’s in your windshield, not your rearview mirrors. Feeding the beast will keep you locked in on your future and your potential. When I feed the beast and keep looking at the future, something almost magical happens. I suddenly see how I can do this rather than how hard it is. I start having different meetings and have different conversations with people who can get me there.

I talk about all this stuff and more in my new book Be Obsessed or Be Average. You can get a signed copy at Barnes and Noble. The easiest way to feed your beast is to spend time learning something new or learning how to be even better at something. Turn your travel time into learning time. Start loading your phone with podcasts and audiobooks that you can listen to while driving to work and back. Immerse yourself in knowledge.

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