My 3 Step Plan to Save America

Are you tired of political debates? Do you believe in Donald or Hilary’s plan? How about the Cardone plan? The reason politicians can’t save you is because you have to become president of your industry and your marketplace. They cannot help you, only you can help you. My plan involves you taking control of your own economy rather than being a passive victim who blames the economy or the government. Here are 3 points involved in my plan for saving America:

1. Stop fussing over taxes.

I used to live in California where there are heavy—brutal—taxes. A few years ago the governor raised state income taxes from 10.3 to 13.3 percent (a 30 percent increase), which meant that if a person earned $1 million of additional income, that person would pay more than half—$530,000—in state and federal taxes, and then would pay property, payroll, health care, and social security.

I didn’t complain about it—I did something about it. I moved. I sold my house, closed my office, packed up the kids and wife, and relocated to Miami. The money I saved just by leaving California allowed me to expand my business. I know that virtually nobody is happy with high taxes, but you aren’t powerless. If you don’t like how something is, take action. I didn’t whine about California taxes, I just left. Take responsibility for your situation.

2. Don’t worry about the minimum wage.

Whether we are talking $7.25 an hour or $15 an hour, it’s still poverty. In truth, the median wage is a bigger issue. Median wage hovers just over $50K a year. That is just enough to never have enough. Median wages have been flat for over 30 years. No politician has a solution for this problem or they would have already fixed it. The only solution is the individual—you. Until people realize that they are the problem and the solution, the problem will remain.

Casting blame on others—the economy, the politicians, your parents—for your economic situation will only bring more frustration and poverty.

The only thing you get when you raise minimum wage is more people on minimum wage. You want a whole country on minimum wage let’s just raise it to $30, what does it matter? When minimum wage rises prices skyrocket. When you raise the price of the hourly person, all those prices go up too, so that person that was getting minimum wage is back to zero anyway. Minimum wage is not a solution to anyone’s problem. The only solution is to increase your productivity and creativity so nobody would want to pay you minimum wage.

3. Forget about the cost of college.

You don’t necessarily need to go to college for an education. Why take out student loans when the internet and all the information in the world is on your phone now? I wish I would have gone to Harvard—for the connections, not for the education. I also wish I would have paid more attention when I was going to college. Unfortunately for me—and many others—I had no direction on why I was there and had no purpose for what I was learning, so I left my university with a piece of paper, debt and no idea about my future and very few skills.

If the goal of college is to be financially secure, then it is failing miserably.

The problem is not in education, but the approach. When you approach an education you must think about skills, not just information or knowledge. There are thousands upon thousands of young people this fall postponing entering the workforce to write essays on medieval French literature or other things that will never make them any money. You must learn how to sell in life or you will never control your income. People in America need to quit focusing on the cost of college and start asking why college is even needed for the majority.

Stop fussing over taxes, quit worrying about minimum wage, and stop focusing on the cost of college tuition. If I were running for president, I’d make sure every citizen knew that they are the president of their own finances. It’s an office you have 100% control over and nobody to blame. You have no congress or senate to answer to, you and you alone are in complete control of your economy.

As president, the actions you take today will ensure the health, solvency, and success of your financial administration. Whether Donald or Hilary wins, the next 4 years can be successful for you if you commit to increasing your income, make an investment in yourself, and hustle. In truth, you need to get obsessed with something—which is not a bad thing as many falsely believe. Check out my new book Be Obsessed or be Average today where I tell you about how obsession saved my life—and can save yours.

Be great,


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