3 Reasons Why You Aren’t a Millionaire Yet

There is a difference between being rich and creating wealth. Everyone makes mistakes with money. Avoid financial blunders at every stage of life by learning some of the most common money mistakes. Wealth is the abundance of something in such surplus, that no condition can destroy it. It’s abundant—you can’t get rid of it. There’s so much that no matter what happens around me, it can’t go away. Making a lot of money is one thing—getting wealthy is something else.

Many people learn how to earn money, but very few people ever learn how to create wealth. You’ve heard the expression, “Get rich quick,” but you’ll never hear, “Get wealthy quick”—because it just doesn’t happen. Money never sleeps and it gets bored. If it sits around too long, it’s going to go away. Money is like a jealous lover. If you don’t pay enough attention to it, it will find some other place to live. The wealthy know that money needs attention.

How do you become wealthy? How do you learn to do the things that wealthy people do? To start, stop saying things like, “Money won’t make me happy”. People who are just getting by talk about money as though it is a bad thing. I don’t want that for you. You need to know the mistakes that most people do that the wealthy don’t.

Mistake #1 Seeking comfort, not freedom.

This is the biggest mistake I see people making. The entire middle class is supposedly protected in this country. They live in this fantasy bubble of comfort. It’s the “I have enough” attitude. Comfort is the enemy of abundance. The most dangerous element of finances is settling. It’s the middle-class mentality. The entire middle class is built upon settling on comfort, on just enough. Just enough income, just enough to save, just enough invested—if you just get a house and a job that you like just enough that makes you just enough money—it will be good enough… until it’s not. This mentality will never make you wealthy. The wealthy seek freedom, not comfort. The wealthy seek so much abundance that it appears to others that they are greedy, but that says more about them that it does you.

More is the mantra to wealth. Comfort isn’t even on the menu. Make freedom your focus.

Mistake #2 Diversification.

I know you have been sold this idea of diversifying your investments. It’s a lie put on you from Wall Street because Wall Street benefits when you diversify. The truth is if you have 100 different investments you need someone else to manage them. That’s why Wall Street has sold you on diversification. That is the basis that all these big funds are built on and why Wall Street continues to get so rich. My friend Mark Cuban said, “Diversification is for idiots.” Andrew Carnegie said, “Take all your eggs and put them in one basket, and watch that basket!”

The super rich go all-in on one or two bets. They don’t have a thousand investments—not in the beginning. I don’t want you to diversify. That’s different than never depending on one income flow. Figure out one space that you understand everything there is to know about and you know for sure without a doubt that it can’t be destroyed, and protect that one investment. Things like housing and rental income housing. Some of the new technologies out will be here today and gone tomorrow. Go all in on something you all-know.

Mistake #3 Depending on One Income Flow.

Don’t diversify your investments, but make sure you get multiple flows of income when you are building wealth. Investments are not income. Income is what you are living on. When I say income I’m not just talking about money coming in—I’m talking about opportunities as well. Never depend on one flow of traffic no matter how big it is. I know people who make 300K or 400K but it is all income—they don’t have investments and they are not wealthy. When that income stops, they are going to be in trouble. It’s rich for a moment, but to create real wealth you must make investments that will create dependable income streams or flows over long periods of time.

To start, figure out how you can make your one income flow a little bigger. Whether you make 3K or 10K a month it doesn’t matter—make 3K into 4K and 10K into 12K. After you figure out how to make that first flow bigger, start thinking about getting a second income stream going. Ideas could be getting into a multi-level marketing company, a second job, mowing a lawn—something that will at least get a drip going. If you are a teacher, a waiter, a bus driver, a plumber, a cook—whatever it is you do, you need to get a second income flow.

Regardless of your education, you are not stuck. It takes work, though, that’s why most people don’t get wealthy—they just play the lotto.

Avoid these 3 mistakes and you’ll start acting like the wealthy. Seek freedom, not comfort, don’t diversify, and don’t be dependent on one income flow. If you really want to get rich—if you are serious about becoming a millionaire—get the Millionaire Booklet today. I go over step-by-step exactly how I went from broke to my first million.

I did it, and I know you can too. What you need is a road map, and I’ve codified it for you.

Grab The Millionaire Booklet (or get it on MP3, or both).

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