3 Important Tips for Real Estate Investors – Big Money Real Estate Sneak Peek

Today on Big Money Real Estate, Ilyce has three important tips for real estate investors:

1. Ask the right questions. If you don’t know what to ask, ask what you should be asking.
2. Try to find a solution that does the least damage.
3. Take your medicine. Sometimes you won’t have an easy solution.

To learn more, watch Ilyce’s new Big Money Real Estate video.

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  • Roger Love

    Grant, I want thank you for inspiring me everyday…I have started my own motivationlal speaking business off of reading three of your books after being sidelined with open heart surgery earlier this year for two months. I have a vision for myself and family these things are all within my reach and I am going for broke! Closing is so important to me and I understand it is a way of Life!

    • James D. Chamberlain

      Roger – Great idea. I have thought of doing the very same thing myself. I wonder if there isn’t a program that lets us rep Cardone’s materials?

      • Jaxi West

        Hey James
        Why not contact Grant’s office and let him know you would like to rep his material at speaking events. They might arrange a partnership with you where you split the proceeds. Contact Grant and have a discussion. Close a deal with him 😉

        I have wondered why he doesn’t offer an affilliate program, but I am sure there is a very smart/strategic reason why he has not chosen to have one.

        Best to you in your business venture!

        • James D. Chamberlain

          Jaxi – Brilliant idea… I think I will do that. Powerful 2014!

      • Roger Love

        That I’m not sure of… But there maybe.

  • Bobby Joseph

    Thanks grant

  • Aasar Team

    You da man Grant, 10x’s for the info !