3 Degrees From Greatness – SunFrog Shirts

Josh Kent, owner of Sun Frog Shirts, shares how he went from being in a business that was “slowly killing him,” to building an empire in just 2 years. How he went from 14 employees to over 350 employees. (Josh’s company is growing so fast, he’s added over 100 new employees since we shot the show.)
Learn how virtually ANYONE can turn a “hobby” into a successful business.
Josh has been running the company with his wife, Kristy, who does all of the finance and accounting, for just over two years.
Sun Frog is an online-based company, which uses shirt designs created by people from all over the world. Shirts are shipped to 180 to 200 countries, and with literally millions of designs and combinations to pick from, Sun Frog has something for everyone.

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