2 Minute Money Mindset Test: What Level Are You At?

If you can’t cover a month of lost income in an emergency, you’re financially fragile. Many people can’t cover a $400 emergency, let alone a full month. Are you broke? The number one thing I do is teach people how to increase their revenue. You need more cash flow. The truth is there are just different levels of broke. How broke are you?

Grab a sheet of paper and take this broke test and see how you do:

(Add 1 point for every answer that is true of you.)

You know you’re broke when you….

  1. You look forward to a refund from the IRS

  2. You don’t write off your car, meals, and computer from your taxes

  3. Your vacations are planned on Groupon

  4. You live paycheck to paycheck

  5. You clip coupons

  6. You can only fly coach

  7. You grab on sale items even if you don’t need them

  8. You only partially fill your gas tank

  9. You visit garage/yard sales

  10. You can only afford to ride the city bus

  11. You mow your own lawn

  12. You believe the government can fix your problems

  13. You change your own oil

  14. You think rich people are evil

  15. You think money is evil

  16. You only buy healthy food occasionally due to cost

  17. You never invest in yourself

  18. You don’t even know how much is in your bank account

  19. You go to pawn shops

  20. You make your own coffee rather than “splurging” at Starbucks

  21. You earn less than $100K a year

  22. You eat fast food

  23. You carry loose change around

  24. You argue over money with your spouse

  25. You feel like giving $20 to charity is making a difference

If you had over 20 points, you’re unfortunately living with a poverty mindset, no matter what you’re making. If you had over 10 points, you’re so engrained in the middle class mindset that you’re about to fall out of it. Anything over 5 points and you should be seriously worried. Ideally, you should have no points on this quiz.

What mindset are you living with? More importantly, what will you do to change your condition? If you want free, check out my YouTube channel. If you want to break out of the broke mentality and start investing in yourself, head over to Cardone University and take the biggest step of your life. Invest in the only asset no one can take from you—yourself.

The only question is if you believe in yourself enough to make the investment?


Be great,


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