Don’t Fall for These 12 Mental Money Traps

Don’t Fall for These 12 Mental Money Traps by Grant Cardone

Most of us were brought up poor or in the middle class — and then continue the rest of our lives plagued by the thoughts, ideas and actions of the poor and the middle class. If you were brought up like I was, by parents that had great intentions but few ways to create financial freedom, then there is a good chance you are still trapped by mental money traps that continue to hold you prisoner.

No one would deny that the wealthy think and operate differently regarding money, wealth, finances and investing. Here are some common mental money traps:

1. “I just want enough to be comfortable.”
2. “I need to make money.”
3. “Bigger isn’t better.”
4. “More money, more problems.”
5. “It takes money to make money.”
6. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
7. “Another day, another dollar.”
8. “Money is the root of all evil.”
9. “A penny saved is a penny earned.”
10. “Money can’t buy you happiness.”
11. “A penny for your thoughts.”
12. “Rich people are selfish.”

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