Voice command technology is somewhat magical right. Say a command into the air, and a nearby device can then do it.  There was a time, within recent years that even this was futuristic.

Voice is the future. Timers and alarms, locking doors, turning off and on lights, changing channels on your television, and providing you information based of your voice command. Currently there are tens of millions of Alexa Enabled Devices meaning devices that use the Alexa technology. There are tens of thousands of works with Alexa certified products meaning you can integrate the Alexa voice technology into that product.

Let’s straighten one thing out. Alexa is not just a voice on a device. Alexa “cloud” is a voice command technology that can be used in or within any product. Think of Alexa as a brain. When you use an Alexa device, you are simply using the input and output of voice, but the Alexa cloud is an artificially intelligent database if you will; of functions and data that is endless to what you want it to be. Alexa can be taught anything, retrieve your voice command, internalize it, and then provide you with the solution and answer to your problem, question, or command.

Good news! Amazon just released that they are allowing in skill one time purchases and subscriptions costs to help users of Alexa maximize their growth. It is within Amazons best interest for developers and creators of skills to keep providing products within the Alexa cloud skills store.


Alexa can hold more elaborate conversations about more complex tasks, from retrieving information to advising on mortgages and making travel arrangements. Imagine working on a new real estate deal, and being able to find out information about your prospective property simply by using voice. Determining local home value, population, market demands, and crime rates just by asking Alexa cloud intelligence to tell you the information. Alexa can then conduct calculations for you as well. Chat bots also can assist websites with having a pop up on a site. When it appears a customer is interested in a purchase, this artificial intelligence allows the realtor to be duplicated on the website at all times. Chat bot are becoming very popular on the internet. You could also use a task bot to which is integrated into your database that you could give tasks such as sending out marketing material to prospective clients interested in “4 bedroom homes”.

Voice command is also becoming more of a focal point for buyers. The article points out that voice control is an important factor in influencing people to purchase connected products as more manufacturers introduce this feature.

The introduction of voice-activated products that are compatible with well-known virtual assistants including Alexa will help increase the interest in smart home products, expanding their integration in the home. This includes already existing technologies with Alexa such as adjusting lights and thermostats, locking doors, accessing and controlling security cameras all with Alexa’s voice command. Globally, the smart home market was estimated to be worth approximately $24.1 billion last year but by 2022, this figure is expected to reach approximately $53.45 billion.

The holy grail of a real estate search would be a visual voice command platform. This could be a real estate app or website. This would be a voice activated lifestyle search bot that understands language and conversational demands. Currently, Amazon is working on tweaking this technology to make for a more fluent conversational capability with the Alexa cloud. With this technology, you or the user could say “show me water front property with a dock, near an A rated school with low crime rates”.  From here, you can see the search results, continue to navigate through them, save the information to your file, or you ask Alexa to email this to your realtor, client, or self. Building a program of this sort, would be groundbreaking for any realtor, something scalable that you can offer as a subscription for customers, or also other realtors.

Here are Nikos we strive to stay in front of the voice command wave. This technology is new and building as we speak. Voice command technology is the future as we hope to provide all business owners with the ability to stay up to date with the customer needs.

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