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Whatever it Takes to 10X – Young Hustlers Cancun

In this Show

In this episode of Young Hustlers Grant and Jarrod are live at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun discussing what it truly means to 10X. 10X is a mindset and a way of life, it is a shift in thinking that you are more than capable of achieving goals that you set. Those goals require hustle and a target 10X higher than average. They require extreme levels of ethical action geared towards expansion and financial, emotional, and relational success. Grant and Jarrod talk about reaching goals that you previously thought was impossible, the need to create unprecedented levels of happiness and satisfaction in your life, how use fear as fuel, dominate your competition and become a role model for success.

How to 10X
1. Take Massive Levels of Action
2. Set Targets at unprecedented levels
3. Use Fear as Fuel
4. Dominate Your Competition