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10X World Tour Recap – The G&E Show

In this Show

Throughout the 10X World Tour Elena and Grant were reminded of just how attainable, connected and wholesome the world really is. Especially in this day and age where we have the ability to be educated and aware of what each continent, country, city, and town is up to individually and collectively.

They learned that all in all, humanity seems to value the same principals throughout the entire globe: kindness, respect, and opportunity. During their time abroad they couldn’t help but notice a constant theme revolved around their conversation… gender roles and approaches.

Ultimately, while being about to reflect on the world, Elena and Grant were also given the opportunity to reflect on their relationship. They noticed how lucky they for being able to easily manage all the activities on their itineraries as a couple without having to sacrifice their personal needs and wants. Tune in for full details on the G & E 10X World Tour Experience.

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