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10X Growth Con 2 – Take-aways

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  • “Hands down, the greatest business conference I have ever been a part of!” – Tim Clark
  • Thank you to Grant Cardone and his staff
  • Brad Lea – “don’t be afraid to spend money”
  • Naveen Jain – “If you share your ideas with people and they don’t tell you that you are crazy, then you are not thinking big enough
  • VIP – community of committed and motivated individuals
  • Met individuals from social media in person, including Coach Burt, Jerry Fetta, Michael Carrigan, Brett Coffey, Ben Rife, Steve Spray, Natasha
  • I closed one of my biggest deals of the year while at the conference
  • My biggest takeaway – Going into the conference, my wife and I had 2 individual, separate missions. Leaving the conference, we now have one, solidified, common mission. The business is the fuel to power our vision and our empire!
  • Growth Con 3

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