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The #1 Challenge in Network Marketing

By David Voth


Your problem isn’t the problem; it’s your attitude about the problem.

~ Ann Brashares


Lack of leads

Let’s face it, network marketing is a numbers game so you really need to meet and talk to a lot of people to become successful. Finding leads is one of the most common network marketing problems, and the industry experts agree that it is the biggest challenge faced by network marketers.


Access to leads is the cornerstone of GAMP’s system

The founders of GAMP (Global Affiliate Marketing Pros) researched the industry to determine what were the greatest roadblocks to success in the network marketing industry. Once these were identified, they set out to create a complete solution to solve these problems, chief among these was access to quality leads.


Since the #1 challenge network marketers face is lead generation, finding new people to present their business to on a regular basis is crucial. Most people do not expose their business to enough quality people on a daily basis to get the results that they desire.


The old methods of prospecting your warm market, referral marketing, and cold calling do work, but it is crucial that you have a system that can consistently generate quality leads.


GAMP gives you leads

Once you subscribe to GAMP the system automatically places leads into the back office of your CRM. Then you can use those leads to sell your network marketing company’s products. However, a better way is to first use those leads to market the GAMP system to them. Recruiting people to GAMP will earn you a commission as an affiliate. (The income potential is substantial). By doing this you will have established a business relationship with the prospect, and now they will have access to the all the training, mentoring, leads, and sales tools that the GAMP system offers.


This is a list of the compelling components of the GAMP system:

  • Access to Cardone University ($9995 Value)
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls (Exclusive for GAMP)
  • Social Media Promotion with Robert Syslo Jr.
  • Instagram Marketing Training with Cody Kerns ($495 per monthly value)
  • Social Media Selling Tools (Exclusive for GAMP)
  • Monthly Leads supplied by GAMP ($100 monthly value)
  • State of the Art CRM and sales tools ($89 monthly value)
  • Built-in Financing for your Products (Exclusive for GAMP)
  • And of course, the Affiliate Marketing Program (Exclusive for GAMP)


As you can see GAMP offers a full solution, not only leads, to help anyone succeed in networking marketing. Want to be your own boss and get the life of freedom you desire?


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