How to Get Out of Financial Danger – Jerry Fetta

Danger at its root means “power of a lord or master“. Quite literally it is referring to someone having mastery over another individual or group, therefore having the power to harm that person or group. In fact, in the 1700’s is was a euphemism for “damned”. If someone was in danger, it mean they destined […]

FranFinders – How to Build a Franchise

There’s one question we get from existing business owners, “I want to franchise my business, how do I do that?” The answer is simple; have a business that is “Franchisable.” What do I mean by that? Here are 3 tips on how to build a franchise. 1 – Make sure your business is making a […]

FranFinders – What is Franchising?

Simply put, it’s a way for business expansion that is an agreement between two parties. Typically, the one who owns the concept is the Franchisor. The party, who wants to buy in and help with the brand expansion by becoming an owner, is the Franchisee. There are four main points of franchising. Mark – The […]

Keith Weinhold – Increase Your Expenses

You need to increase your expenses in order to have a better  quality of life. Start living a life of abundance instead of scarcity. Learn your how to grow your means instead than living below them. Want more wealth? 1) Grab my free E-book and Newsletter at: 2) Actionable turnkey real estate investing opportunity: […]

Jerry Fetta – The Danger of the Financial Industry

For many years now, I have been actively fighting against the dishonesty and unethical practices of Wall Street, large banks, and the rampant amount of damage done by the financial services industry. The biggest problem is that people do not realize the danger posed by the financial services industry due to the amount of advertising, […]

How to Buy a Plane – Tom Alston

When it comes to purchasing an aircraft there are a multitude of factors to consider. And almost every one of those factors has high cost associated with it. From the plane itself to the hanger, the spare parts, the piloting, the crew, maintenance, airport fees, not to mention the attorneys fees and taxes, you want […]

Landscaper Turned Multi-Millionaire – Steve Griggs

The thing about seasons is- they change. And it’s beautiful! However, if you have a seasonal business, whether it be selling Halloween costumes or outdoor landscaping, the seasons are kind of a big deal. When those cold New York winters started coming around, nobody really wants you in their yard unless you’re building them a […]

Unethical Financial Services Practices – Jerry Fetta

Central Banks. This dates all the way back to 1791 with the charter of The Bank of the United States, our country’s first central bank. What is a central bank? According to Wikipedia, “A central bank, reserve bank, or monetary authority is an institution that manages a state’s currency, money supply, and interest rates. Central […]

Ben Rife – Get Out Of Obscurity

Your biggest problem is obscurity. By partnering with Cardone Media, Ben Rife was able to blow up and grow his business. Ever since he came out of obscurity he has not looked back. Take massive action and blast out your business. your phones will blow up. The team at GCTV is sure to over commit […]

Jerry Fetta – The Debt Epidemic That Nobody Knows About

Here in America, we have a debt epidemic. The average American household owes $130,992 in total consumer debt. The U.S. government’s outstanding debt is now over $20 trillion dollars and climbing. The total U.S. student loan debt is $1.48 trillion and climbing (which is over $600 billion more than credit card debt by the way). […]

FranFinders – How do you Fund a Franchise?

The exciting part of what we do is work with you helping you find the right franchise business that meets your goals and helps you to either leave your job, grow your empire or even to create a legacy for your family. That’s the fun part. The heavy lifting comes in when we work with […]

FranFinders – What is Liquid Capital for a Franchise?

If you have been searching for a franchise to buy, you have undoubtedly come across each company’s investment requirements. There are a myriad of terms used, and it can be confusing. A commonly confusing term is “Liquid Capital.” In nearly all cases, franchisors define liquid capital as the cash you need, on-hand, to be able […]

The 3 Vehicles: Which Are You Sitting In?

There are 3 vehicles in life, and everyone ends up sitting in one of them sooner or later. 1st Vehicle: Commitment This is when you’ve gone all in. You’ve taken risks, advanced, and conquered. This is the vehicle where you’ve taken enough action to succeed. Whether in business, marriage, or any area of your life, if […]

How to Promote – Cardone Zone

You don’t how to promote or market. You’re taught not to. If you don’t promote it, nobody will know you or your product or service. Visa and Mastercard are garbage products, but they beat you because they promote better than you. You need to promote! Anything and everything you do should be promoted. Promotion should […]

FranFinders – What is Total Investment for a Franchise?

As you are searching for a franchise, you undoubtedly have come across the term, “Total Investment.” Here is a short definition as it relates to franchises. Total investment is the total sum of the “Estimated Initial Investments” that are stated in a franchise’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Item 7. It is usually expressed as a […]

FranFinders – Franchising 101

I get asked many times, “What is a Franchise?” or, “How is different than a regular business?” or, “Is it worth the cost?” Below, I address the simplest question. “What?” A franchise is simply an agreement between two independent parties which grants certain rights and set obligations to the franchisee from the franchisor. Ultimately, this […]

Virtuity – Prepare for the Future  

Prepare for the Future   Provided by Susan Mesrobyan (310) 954-7974   Not too long ago, too many people with average incomes were being knocked down by financial challenges, and the financial services industry’s solution was to continue serving the affluent. But World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) took an independent path to help people […]

Ben Rife – Why You Should Write Your Own Book

Ben Rife’s first book, “Hyper-Grow Your Business,” has debuted. He Believes that every entrepreneur should write a book in order to establish credibility, brand yourself as an expert in your industry, and differentiate yourself in a competitive situation. What are you waiting for? Order your copy today here at or for print, audible, and kindle on […]

Life in San Quentin

Quick story—nearly a decade ago I was on a commercial flight (back before I had my own jet) and sat next to actor Ernest Borgnine who was 93 years old at the time. He was on his way to Toronto to shoot a movie called “Red” with Bruce Willis, which was later released in October […]

Jerry Fetta – Keep More Of Your Money

To build wealth you must make money, you must keep it, and you must multiply it. If you fail to do even just one of these things, I can promise that you will not build wealth. If you skip steps, you will not build wealth. If you do these steps out of order, you will […]

DreAllDay – Have a Fearless Approach

Learn how to live your life fearlessly. There is nothing in life that you should be afraid of except death. Having to deal with cold calls, business meetings, uncomfortable situations, should not cause you fear. Dre Baldwin (aka “DreAllDay”) is an international expert in Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline who has written 14 books and […]

Virtuity – Are There Blind Spots in Your Insurance Plan?

Deficient coverage may cost you someday.   Provided by Susan Mesrobyan (310) 954-7974   Many households and businesses are insufficiently insured. The problem is not necessarily the quality of coverage, but the breadth and depth of it. Your own business or household may be more vulnerable than you realize.   Too many people go […]