Finish What You Start

If your Entrepreneur this video will relate to you well. I am guilty of this myself and found once I master this and get my team to master it my life and business become way more efficient and successful! Visit:

Cardone University Licensee? Learn to Sell at Seminars – Ted McGrath

How To Build a Six Figure Live Event Business With Seminars, Workshops, Or Retreats in 120 Days or Less While Making a Difference   Dear fellow Speaker, Are you tired of not sharing your real voice with the world? Would you like a stage to express your life’s work and purpose on this planet? Isn’t time […]

Why Inflation Is A Hidden Tax

Later on in life (about a decade later) I finally learned what inflation really was. It was not an increase in prices. It is actually a devaluation of a currency. It is when a currency begins to lose it’s buying power. A symptom of that can be increased pricing, but the root is 100% the […]

Selling is Not Posting on Instagram

JUST BECAUSE YOU MARKET ON INSTAGRAM DOESN’T MAKE YOU A SALESPERSON What you’ll learn in this article: How to Really Sell INTRODUCTION It seems like a lot of people are confused about what selling is and what it is not. Selling is defined as to give or hand over (something) in exchange for money or to persuade someone […]

Why Inflation Is A Hidden Tax

Inflation. We all have heard of it. I believe that most do not actually understand what it is though. The first time I heard about inflation I was in 7th or 8th grade. My older brother was talking about it. He described to me that inflation is when prices rise. Sounds familiar right? I can […]

Young Hustlers – How to Set Appointments

Do you know whether you really have an appointment or not? If your appointment is a no-show, he lost face and you won’t be able to sell him. You have to go overboard to show them its ok they didn’t show up. But you should have checked out ahead of time if they will show […]

Looking for the Top Blogger and Video Producers

Looking for a talented and ambitious videographer and editor to intern ( un paid) with a leading financial firm, Virtuity  Partners Part time. You will be giving us creative snippets for our video vlog working with an established and successful  woman in the financial industry. This is an opportunity is to get a free education […]

How to Create a Consistent Lead Flow – Ted McGrath

Learn the exact steps to create a consistent lead flow.     Not only did Ted help me dial in my messaging, but he helped me increase the conversions on my sales video. I’ve had the great fortune of being on Oprah twice and have built a multi-million dollar speaking and coaching business. I […]

Aircraft or Vessel Tax Documentation Program

“Verify” is the new program just launched by Aero and Marine Tax Professionals. While Tom and his team have specialized in helping aircraft and vessel owners and operators in California for two decades, they are now offering their services to the rest of the United States. If you want perfect, verified tax documentation for your […]

March Madness is Here, Here are the Winners

I’VE GOT WINNERS, I’VE GOT WHAT YOU MAY EVEN CALL LOCKS …that will make you a lot of money. Are you ready for them? They go against the norm because few people pick them, but remember that every March upsets happen in the NCAA tournament. People are always surprised when it happens, but lower seeds […]

Why We Sell Houses With Stories

Here are 3 quick reasons why we use story marketing to sell houses in our real estate business. Stories sell! Stories are easier to remember than facts and figures. Stories inspire imagination. If you’re selling a home, you want the buyer to mentally move into your home. They need to picture themselves in the home […]

The G&E Show Hitting Wild Targets with Your Spouse

Sometimes it takes a long time to reach a target. Elena wants to feel good and win so when she can’t reach a goal because it’s really big and needs more than a week, she sets smaller targets along the way so she can keep winning. You don’t need to win all the time but you need […]

How to Create an Online Product, that SELLS on Facebook

Learn more here: How To Create Your Online Product and Get FLOODED with High quality Customers While Serving Humanity   How to create online presentations that sell Discover how to design your personal story to create compelling online presentation How to create a captivating headline to engage your customers How to make a powerful offer […]