How to Make Your Remote Workforce Efficient- Ben Rife

I’m Ben Rife, President, CEO, and Founder of Bullfrog, The Next Generation Business Phone System. I’m working from my deck today and I came across an article that highlights a business trend that I wanted to share with you. Aetna, the Health Insurance giant, announced that they are hiring more than 400+ remote workers, employees […]

The Real Risk is Doing Nothing

Follow your butterflies. Click here for more: The real risk is doing nothing.   Do you thrive in front of the camera? Do you always know exactly how to behave? Do you always know how to strike up casual conversations in big groups?   If your answer to those questions is yes, we are very […]

How To Turn Leads into Customers with your Website

So you have the best marketing campaign ever and you get some great leads. You have great search engine optimization (SEO) and people click on your website. The next piece of the puzzle is to drive conversions once you have leads. It’s not enough to drive a bunch of visitors to your websites, if they go there, […]

Love or Money: Why I Bought a Car I Didn’t Need

Love and money—did you know they are intimately connected? In sales, love solves problems. You can’t put a price tag on something you really love. This is why as a salesperson you should walk into every transaction completely believing that price is not the real issue for your customer. You know you’re going to hear about price, […]

Alloy Wheel Repair Franchise Interview with FranFinders

Rob Bennett is the Co-Founder of FranFinders, a franchise consultancy and funding group. He interviews with Alloy Wheel Repair Franchise. AWRS is the world’s largest and most reputable full-service wheel repair and replacement company. They are the only wheel repair company that is nationwide. AWRS has grown over the past 17 years into an international network […]

Why David C. Karli’s Business is Unique

David C. Karli, Founder and CEO of Greyledge Technologies, believes his business is unique because of the potential to integrate his biologics program clinically and from a research pathway together. They do cases, process samples, and coordinate closely with their team of researchers to not only define what they are doing but to create best […]

Don’t Apologize, Take Action – Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta’s mission in life is to empower people to reach their ultimate potential. If you continue apologizing you won’t fix your problems, you are simply defending why you are right and defend your position.If you actually did something that you should have not done, words won’t fix the problem but actions will. Words represent […]

Do you Carry a Balance on Your Credit Card?

Rondi Lambeth Host of Your Credit Matters on Grant Cardone TV talks about holding a balance on your credit card.  What does this mean for you?  How does it effect your credit card score?  Learn more right now from Rondi Lambeth.  Click here to go to his website

#1 Way to Get More Customers

Does your business need a few extra jobs per month? Ask yourself, How much money does it take for your phone to ring for your contracting business? At Pro Service Finder, LLC we have created the #1 way to get service professionals and any contracting business more business. For contractors that signup with us we […]

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage Franchise | FranFinders

Rob Bennett, Co-Founder of FranFinders, interviews Brad Smith from UNITS® Moving and Portable storage franchise. Their business is simple and easy for businesses, moving, and storage. The business allows for a franchise to be run with few employees, semi-absentee or owner operated. The franchise partner can either retain their day job by hiring a manager […]

Who’s In Your Posse

Who’s in your circle? Who’s hanging out in your empire? Empires get torn down from the inside. Your posse should never end, it should be like the ocean. The Atlantic comes in and out, and friends come and go; there’s a constant flow. If a toilet gets clogged, it gets backed up. Are you getting […]

How Do You Make Your Goals Real? – Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta discusses how he went from broke to over $500,000 in income in less than 3 years. A year ago Jerry understood for the first time what success meant when he bought Grant’s “Success is my Duty” wristband and bumper sticker. Before he associated success with luck and found it difficult to face the […]

FREE 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Saman Bakhtiar

Welcome to The Camp – Transformation Center, home of the FREE 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Samar Bakhtiar, personal fitness trainer and franchise expert of The Camp, wants you to join his result-proven challenge. “EMPOWERING OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH HEALTH & FITNESS” I get it. Hectic schedules, kids, more than one job, a house to take care […]

Why Your Rate of Return Doesn’t Matter – Jerry Fetta

Rate of return on your investments does not mean a thing! It’s all about income and only about income. What do you pay your bills with? Money! Not percentages! The only thing that matters about your investments are the money they produce, the rate of return is inconsequential. Secondly, there are so many different variations […]

Why are Goals Important?

Goals are like the sails of our boat. Click here for more: Without goals we are like a rudderless boat. Goals has an impact on all aspects of your life. Author Jamie McIntyre says “If you write goals everyday you are a millionaire. If you write your goals twice a day you are a billionaire.” […]

Entrepreneurs Are The New Celebrities

Grant is accompanied by Hank Norman, who owns a company called 2MarketMedia. 2MM is a creative business partner for media personalities and corporate clients. Norman works with companies and individuals to build their brands and convert it into Star Power. He doesn’t just make himself a star, he does it for others as well. Is […]

Who To Trust With Your Finances – Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta, Founder of WealthX, helps you make and keep money. He advises to be true to your own goals, keep your own counsel, and choose your own decisions. Find out more below about Jerry Fetta and his successful business, WealthX. WealthX Home

Maximize You Marketing Campaign – Bullfrog

5 ways a modern business phone system can maximize your marketing campaign Currently, modern business phones come with numerous features that can enhance your marketing campaign.  The following are the best examples of how to leverage your business phone system to enhance your marketing efforts. Vanity Number: A vanity number provides you with a memorable […]

Power Players with Tim Grover & Grant Cardone

Tim Grover says we’ve become soft. Nobody wants to do the necessary steps anymore. People quit too soon. If you want success, you must keep fighting. Being relentless is a mindset, it means you don’t need someone motivating you. You have to light your own fire in life. The greats learn more from winning than […]

How to Avoid Shrinkage

Who here wants shrinkage — with anything? Let’s face it, bigger is better. Whatever the benefits are to downsizing, it’s a sign that you are on the way out. People who struggle in business have to downsize. People who didn’t prepare for retirement downsize. Becoming smaller is just a sign that you are contracting and no longer […]

Essentials For Success

Two Minute Rule… Robb Thompson wakes up everyday wanting to help more people succeed and give the the tools to do so. Learn from him to get the ability to thrive in everything you do. Thompson is the founder and CEO of Progressive Life. For more than three decades, Robb Thompson has inspired people around […]

Donald Trump’s New Healthcare Law Hurts You

Last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance that can negatively affect thousands of businesses. An executive order is when a president bypasses the checks and balances system and calls an audible which allows him to mandate new policies at his sole discretion. Jerry Fetta breaks down what this executive order means […]

The Vision of Partem

My vision is to enable outstanding people, products, and services. Click here for more: A couple of weeks back, I received a letter from my coach. This letter was written by me to myself in March 2016 where I had promised myself to mentor 40 people in 2016. I was disappointed when I read this […]

Why I bought TWO Tickets to the 10x Growth Con 2018

Why I bought TWO Tickets to the 10x Growth Con 2018 It was time to Invest in Myself Direct Results from 2017 Connected with over 35 amazing individuals, including Jerry Fetta, Mark Liskay, Rod the Realtor, and LaDawn Townsend Opened the opportunity to work directly with GC’s digital marketing team, including Steve Sunshine, Matt Howe, […]