How to Build an Online Webinar – Ted McGrath

What this Ultimate Online Presentations Swipe File will show you: How to Create Powerful Videos, Teleseminars, and Webinars Over and Over Again! The 5 Most Important Tips: How to create online presentations that sell Discover how to design your personal story to create compelling online presentation How to create a captivating headline to engage your customers How […]

The Secret of a 24 Year Old Millionaire

  Learn How We Helped a 24 Year Old Entrepreneur  Make 7 million in the Past 12 months And How You Can Too: Coach Giani   $$$ Confessions of a 24 year old E-Commerce entrepreneur. Learn how we help investors run a successful E-Commerce business in 2018. From Miami Lakes, Richard, has generated almost $7 […]

How Much Does It Cost to Fix My Bad Credit?

How much does it cost you to have bad credit?   Rondi Lambeth is an award-winning TV and Radio Show host, a best-selling author, and has been seen & heard on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News & NBC. A decade ago Rondi founded Fortress Credit Pro, America’s first 100% paid-on-performance credit repair company. Tune in […]

Amazon Alexa – A Direct Portal to Customer Service

“Alexa, tell Grant Cardone that I need Customer Service”. “No problem! Would you like our office to give you a call right now?” Tim Clark is building custom Alexa skills for businesses to provide a direct line to a customer service representative. 53% of customers report switching companies because of poor customer services. 72% of […]

Tim Clark- Your Amazon Alexa Expert

Tim Clark can place you, your message, your brand, and your products and services in front of 30 million people through Amazon Alexa. The Amazon Skill store currently provides an uncharted opportunity to be placed in the Top 10 of each category. Take action now and contact Tim Clark at Nikos to learn more and […]

J.D. Frost- The Launch Guy

One of the best things about Chattanooga is our amazing culture for start up businesses. It’s a passion point for me-I love seeing people working toward their dream. At J.D. Frost and Company, I’m “The Launch Guy,” because I love the energy that entrepreneurs have early in the process and because I’m the CPA that […]

Lead Generation Made Simple – Ted McGrath

Here’s what the Top Industry Leaders are saying… This is one of the best Story Trainings I have ever seen. Ted goes very deep into your personal story and pulling out your message! Eben Pagan ~ Founder, Guru Master Class The way Ted has positioned his life story to build his brand and attract high […]

Why Fixed Price Accounting Makes Sense

Have you ever received an invoice for services that you had absolutely no idea was coming? As a consumer or a business owner, it’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. Surprise bills like this are impossible to plan for and can be frustrating because they always seem to be over the estimate. […]

J.D Frost- Recommitting to Our Core Values

 When we decided to recommit to our #CoreValues, we decided jump in with both feet. When we say Whole Life Success, that includes the health of the entire team. We are working with the incredibly talented Harold Flemister of Corefitpros to create and implement health plans for everyone!

Young Hustlers: The Sales Cycle

If you want to 10X your business, you need to fix your broken business cycle by getting leads that give you money. How do you do that? The 7 Steps of a Correct Business Cycle: 1. Idea 2. Attention 3. Intention 4. Solution 5. Proposal 6. Close 7. Follow Up You first have an idea. […]

The Right Way to Spend Advertising Dollars in Facebook

Discover My TOP 5 Strategies For Marketing To Millions Online To Create an Abundance Of Wealth Serving Others   Join My BRAND NEW Marketing To Millions Membership Community for ONLY $1 TODAY! Try it out and learn how to market your products and program to millions While Enjoying The Freedom To Live Anywhere […]