Beware of Geek’s with Formula – Jerry Fetta

Beware of Geeks Bearing Formula’s. Pretty great quote, right? It is from Warren Buffet. It’s interesting that the 2nd wealthiest person in our country would heed warning against mathematical formulas and the geeks who tout them. I loved this quote from the moment I saw it. It was just plain reactionary…so I had to inquire […]

End of the Year Tax Planning Rondi Lambeth

You have the right to dispute anything on your credit report that appears to be inaccurate, outdated, erroneous or unverifiable…that’s the law. All creditors are obligated to prove the information on your credit report is accurate and correct any and all violations of the law. If a creditor is unable to perform under the strict […]

Forbes Riley & Grant Cardone

Forbes Riley & Grant Cardone – Forbes Riley is the Queen of Infomercials having done 167 of them and generating over $2.5 billion in sales. Forbes reminds us that if you’re giving a presentation, start with the end in mind. When you sell something, you don’t sell the features, you start with the benefits. I […]

The Body and Excericse

The body responds to cycles of stress versus rest in terms of adaptation and changes from exercise. Dr Karli discusses the basics of how the body responds to exercise and strategies to maintain ongoing gains in your exercise programs.

Marketing Insider Tips – Pixel506

DIY Digital Marketing Insider Tips There’s one for sure way to make sure more customers reach you, your brand, and your website: Search Engine Optimization. You might know it as SEO.   If you and your company has the money for it, then you can hire an agency to improve your SEO. We do it […]

How to Achieve Success – Jerry Fetta

I remember at 14 or 15 I became interested in the idea of being successful. I didn’t know what it was so I tried to emulate the characteristics I imagined a person would have if they were successful. First, I grew a goatee. Successful people have goatees. I also recall buying sunglasses and a suit jacket. […]

The Biggest Decision You Will Make in Your Life

What I learned from the 10X Growth Conference – Grant Cardone: You are one decision away from changing your life, just one decision away from getting to that next level. 10X GrowthCon is a transformative experience that will inspire you; Don’t do what everybody else is doing, do whatever it takes to KNOW, because with […]

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin – Ben Rife

Today, Ben Rife shares a personal story about his business and how he got to be so successful. This lesson he learned from a book called “The Entrepreneurial Myth” by Gerber. If you feel like you are spreading yourself too thin at your work, you need to watch this. Ben Rife is the CEO and […]

Make Yourself Happy – Tommy Davidson

How do you make yourself happy? Are you demanding yourself to be happy? Quit listening to the negative thoughts your brain is telling you. Change the way you are thinking. Most importantly, it is not up to others (spouse, friend, boss) to make you happy. Be sure to tune in to Straight From The Gut […]

4 Ways to Organically Grow ROI – Pixel 506

4 Ways to organically improve your brand, business and increase ROI A great way to improve your brand awareness, findability on Google, and lead generation is with content marketing. Content marketing is the creation and sharing of blog posts, articles, and videos on your website and social media platforms.   The great thing about content […]

The Principles of Obsession – David Karli

Principles, obsession, methods, perspective and effort needed to obtain success is applicable no matter what the end point. Apply the same effort and intensity, obsession and focus to your health that you do to your growing businesses. If you don’t have your health what’s the point of having a successful business?   Learn more at […]

When is Enough, Enough? Jerry Fetta?

I spend 80+ hours a week, 52 weeks a year helping others become financially free. The human potential inspires me and I become elated when I get a glimpse of what people are truly capable of. I do this through helping my clients acquire sources of passive income. Ultimately, there is not an amount that […]

Where Every Contractor to Go – Pro Service Finder

When it comes to growing you business you might be an established service professional or brand new company. Pro Service Finder is here to help your business be found and grow. For those looking to get more real time client leads, we got you covered. Offering a free 30 day trial for our lead program, you don’t have much […]

Networth Does Not Measure Wealth – Wealth X Pro

Ever since I started working in the finance industry I’ve heard experts drive home the importance of our net worth. I’ve seen clients tout their net worth and focus their efforts on increasing their net worth. So, what exactly IS net worth? Well simply put, it is assets minus liabilities. Assets are things that are […]

How a Real Estate Investor Gets Paid – Keith Weinhold

With real estate, people often don’t understand how an investor is paid. I mean, stocks historically provide an annual rate of return of about 10% and are low hassle. Check out Keith Weinhold and Get Rich Education (GRE) here: Comparatively, real estate values historically only return about 5% annual appreciation…and with more hassle! Right? So then how can […]

How to Build a Clever Advertisement – Robert Syslo Jr

Do you want to learn how to build a disguised advertisement? Learn how to build and promote a message while simultaneously hiding it as a story or something else. Learn more about Robert Syslo and Grant Cardone Media: Branding and Advertising – Grant Cardone TV Network – Linked In: Twitter: Facebook: […]

What’s Holding You Back – Donovin Darius

Most people do not succeed in life because they don’t give enough effort towards reaching their goals. They are comfortable with being comfortable. In this video 10 year NFL player, international and motivational speaker Donovin Darius shares the #5 reason and solution to the problem of people not getting what they really want. To get […]

Keys to Success – Ben Rife

Ben Rife has a message that could change your life. One of the keys to success is to not care about what other people think. If you spend your life worrying about what other people think, nothing will ever get done. That will prevent you from speaking in public and will cripple you. Learn more […]

One Question to Ask Yourself – Robert Syslo Jr

Ask yourself, why can’t I? Whenever you see the success of other people ask yourself that question. If somebody else can do it, so can you. Learn more about Robert Syslo and Grant Cardone Media: Branding and Advertising – Grant Cardone TV Network – Linked In: Twitter: Facebook: Video Genius:

Inspire Yourself – Donovin Darius

Over the course of four hours, Donovin Darius laid out facilitated is all pro leadership workshop for the owners of CSC network. In this video you were hear some personal feedback and response to Donovin’s impact. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. Join him in his […]

How to Rebrand Yourself – Robert Syslo Jr

How should you make a proper rebranding? If you have created an entire identity that you have on one side and have found tons of success there, you might want to branch out to a new vertical. Learn how to do it the right way. Learn more about Robert Syslo and Grant Cardone Media: Branding […]

Don’t Follow Money Make It Follow You – Keith Weinhold

You are probably one of many ambitious people in the world. Operating a forklift in the warehouse for someone else 40 hours a week to feed your family takes mental and physical endurance. Check out Keith Weinhold and Get Rich Education (GRE) here: Churning out overtime hours on a corporate quarterly earnings report on a desktop computer takes […]

Bullfrog Has Your Business Solutions – Ben Rife

Working with Bullfrog and Broadsoft has created a more agile workplace at Miss Dig 811. They have upped the level of intensity and performance of our staff. It is now easier for the staff to work through the issues when they have caller. Watch to learn more on how Bullfrog has all you business solutions. […]

3 Ways to Make Money in Marketing – Pixel 506

3 Ways Small Businesses Make Money With Digital Marketing We get lots of questions here at Pixel506 about digital marketing for small businesses. People ask if it is the right choice for them or if it works if you don’t have a big budget.   The answer is yes. In fact, with digital marketing, the […]

Take Action and Achieve Your Dreams – Donovin Darius

Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. Join him in his journey to discover your purpose and maximize your potential. Stay tuned for more life changing advice from Donovin. Pick up a copy of Donovin’s Motivational and Inspirational Book entitled “Next Level Motivation – Principles for Living […]

How To Thrive In a Fake Economy – Jerry Fetta

What does today’s economy look like? 2008 changed our economy forever. We cannot operate on the same basis as we did then. What can we do about it? Jerry Fetta Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 […]

What Is Your Pipeline? – Tommy Davidson

What is a pipeline? We are coming down to the last quarter in the year. What you do today will affect your business in January and February. Now is not the time to give up but to push even harder. Hi. I am Tommy Davidson, aka GoodTimeTommy #GTT, and I am a real estate and […]