WHY I Oppose Financial Institutions – Jerry Fetta

I want to very clearly state that my company Wealth DynamX, is in full opposition of financial institutions. Any time a group controls money, steals from others, causes economic collapses, and makes a profit from those activities, someone must do something about it. As of now, Central Banks, Wall Street, Financial Advisors, and their cronies […]


    WIFE, MOTHER, MENTOR, ENTREPRENEUR   It’s been over 10 years since I had my last job, getting regular paychecks, looking forward to “hump day” and “TGIF”.  I have had my own business for a decade and I love each day that I get to build my empire.  Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you […]

Athletes and Those on the Go Can Benefit from this – Dr Nancy Body Soul Essentials

https://www.bodysoulessentials.com/   Copyright 2018   |   1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30338   |   O: 1-888-509-4439      PRODUCT TESTIMONIES ~I’ve never used a product for pain that worked so fast. It almost makes your mind think its not real…But it is, my pain is gone! Thank you, and my husband Thanks you too. T. Pearson ~Your products are amazing. I […]

How Attorney’s Can Build Franchises

Whether you are looking at purchasing a new franchise, are an existing franchisor, or are thinking of launching your own franchise system, our team of experienced lawyers is here to help. They have worked on hundreds of franchise deals nationwide, including many nationally known restaurants, service brands, investments under $100k and multi-million dollar deals. Thank […]

How to Eliminate Procrastination – Young Hustlers

Action will always win over thinking. I guarantee that your problems that you have right now are not because of your age, it’s because of waiting. If I fail, at least I swung the bat. I don’t care about ROI. I care more about actions. Always swing the bat. You don’t go down from swinging. […]

Dealing With Financial Crises – Jerry Fetta

In this 3 part series we have discussed financial danger. In part 1 we discussed that being in danger literally means have someone overpower an individual or group to a point of mastery with the intention of harm. We also discussed the first 2 responses to danger. Click here to read part 1. In part 2 we […]

The Right Way to Promote Your Business

On this episode of Ask the Pro Grant Cardone sits down with the best telecommunication company in the United States to talk expansion, business promotion, and how to scale.  Learn the tips and strategies that Grant uses to help Ben Rife and his company Bullfrog.

Interview with Alloy Wheel Repair Franchise | FranFinders

AWRS is the world’s largest and most reputable full-service wheel repair and replacement company. AWRS has grown over the past 17 years into an international network currently servicing 44 US states and 17 countries. Thank you for watching this video—Please Share it. Also, I like to read your comments, so please leave a comment and […]

Can You Sell Like a Wolf on Wall Street?

On my Whatever It Takes TV show, I interviewed people to determine how good they might be as potential salespeople for me. I would give a glass of water and tell the person to either sell the water or sell themselves. Sometimes I’d tell them to sell whatever option they didn’t choose. For example, the candidate would […]

The Rules of Financial Danger – Jerry Fetta

Yesterday I wrote about the 5 ways to get out of financial danger. We defined danger as: “someone having mastery over another individual or group, therefore having the power to harm that person or group.” Danger isn’t a conceptual thing, it is actually a person, thing, or group that gains power & mastery over another […]

Ben Rife – The Best Advice For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneurs, Ben Rife is sharing a couple of tips that helped propel him and hyper-grow his business. First, he had to eliminate the self-limiting doubt that he had. Thought like he was not good enough, that he didn’t have all the skills, or answers. Stop caring about what other people think and being […]

The Best Credit Expert to Know

Anyone looking for a top-notch expert in the credit management arena, follow Rondi Lambeth! I have learned so much within a short timeframe insight into how to build business credit, further improve my credit score, and so much more! #FortressCreditPro #LevelingUp #CreditManagement

Ask the Pro with Ben Rife & Grant Cardone

Author Ben Rife, CEO of bullfrog.net, comes on Ask the Pro to talk about how to hyper grow your business. Listen in to hear how Ben had a $1.2 million product problem and how he fixed that. There are 4 P’s any business needs to focus on. People, process, product, and promote! To scale you […]

How You Can Profit From Inflation – Keith Weinhold

You are going to learn how to profit from inflation. First, Let’s Define Inflation Inflation is the rate at which price levels rise. It results in the diminished purchasing power of your dollar, which keeps getting “watered down” over time. It is why in 1913, a pack of Wrigley’s gum costing you 4 cents will […]