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Ted McGrath-The Secret to Closing More Deals

Ted McGrath is a theater performer, speaker, and best selling author.  He has created 5 household brands and made millions teaching Coaches, Speakers, and service based Business Owners how to turn their life story and life experience into a lucrative business that impacts millions and makes millions. Ted brings a unique approach to coaching, speaking, transformation, […]

Bartram Springs Real Estate – Chad and Sandy Neumann

DOWNLOAD TOP 10 WAYS TO SELL YOUR HOME NOW: Subscribe at – – – Enjoy this video? Would you hit the ‘thumb up’ before you go? This encourages us to keep posting more awesome videos. Check us out on our links below. VISIT US: https://WWW.CHADANDSANDY.COM LET’S CONNECT: Facebook: — Welcome to JAX Houses […]

Liz Nierzwicki- Stupid Mental Stories

I’ve learned to start before I’m “ready.” Too many people (women especially) feel they need to be all dolled up to give a powerful message. But no! You don’t. THE MESSAGE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT. So I’m post workout, hair in a ponytail and delivering the goods. Much love to you & make sure to […]

JD Frost- Do You Qualify for This New Deduction?

Do you qualify for this new 20% deduction? Many of our clients do! If you own a business, don’t miss Thursday’s seminar at The Mountain City Club we’re hosting with Lawson Winchester Wealth Management. We will have powerful advice like this and more from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017! Visit:

When to Expect ROI in Advertising – Robert Syslo Jr

When to Expect ROI in Advertising – Robert Syslo Jr Every Wednesday at 5PM EST, I do a Masterclass for our advertising clients. The purpose of this class is to share the knowledge and understanding of what is associated with advertising and how to become more efficient at building a campaign and building a social […]

Ben Rife- Why I Built Bullfrog Group LLC

As a business owner, I always wanted a better phone solution than the “BIG PHONE COMPANIES” could provide for my business. Once I figured out that I didn’t have to use their analog phone lines and that I didn’t even need a phone system, my business exploded and so I built BULLFROG to help other […]

How to Build a Thriving Seminar and Workshop Business

What this Step-by-Step Seminar Map will teach you… How to Enroll High End Clients INTO and AT Your Seminars! The 4 Most Important Tips: How To Get Booked On Local and National Stages. How To Create Amazing Seminar and Workshop Content – That Converts. How To Design Videos, Teleseminars, and Webinar Presentations To Pack Your […]

JD Frost- Don’t Rely on Memory

Don’t try to rely on your memory for a “to-do” list. You’ll forget. You’ll feel unfulfilled. You’ll fail to prioritize. Write it down every day, keep it brief by focusing on truly important things, and knock it out! You’ll be amazed at how this little thing can make a massive difference in your work day. […]

Dr. Eric Cole- Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics – The Road Less Stupid In any area of your life, you must understand the basics before moving on to advanced areas, but in security we seem to have forgotten that.  If someone is struggling with advanced concepts in school, they will have to repeat a more basic class in order […]

Tim Clark- Subscription Models

Businesses that are based on subscriptions and recurring revenue are valued three times greater than other businesses. Read this Book —> The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow 9 Membership Models Membership Website All You Can Eat Library Network Private Club Front of the Line Simplifier Consumables Peace of Mind Customized software by Nikos supports all […]

What does Wealth DynamX do?- Jerry Fetta

That’s a great question! I had two clients tell me they signed up, but they aren’t really sure what we do. They signed up because we give our clients free access to Cardone University and they really were buying to get access to that feature. I can’t blame them! Cardone University is a amazing program […]

Dr. Eric Cole- Secure By Default

Nothing is Secure by Default. Now I am sure a smart reader can find a few things that are secure by default, but for most of the devices and technology that we use in our daily life, they are not secure by default. The reason is simple. Companies that sell technology, whether it is hardware […]