Today on Young Hustlers Grant Cardone talks about money mistakes and how to avoid them so you can get rich. If you think you can’t get rich you’re right. If you think you can get rich you’re right. Grant confesses that he is greedy and selfish, but who isn’t? If you are living paycheck to paycheck you aren’t going to change the world. Get selfish and start making money!

Mistakes to Avoid:

#1 Not focusing on it—“I’m gonna help everyone” look you can’t even help yourself. How can you help others if you can’t help yourself? You get what you focus on.
#2 Blowing money when you get it—For some it doesn’t matter how much they earn they’ll spend it all. People think they have to reward themselves. No you don’t. Put it aside. Be broke again. You don’t need to try and be a baller when you are in reality a pretender.
#3Learn the sales game—Learn to pitch a simple glass of water. How do you add value, how do you get attention? Ability + skills = bank account. Grind and hustle is not enough.
#4 Getting satisfied—If you get satisfied the market place will discipline you. Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow.
#5 Investing too soon—Wait until you have something big and go all in.

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  • What do you do if a potential client has you waiting in the lobby far past the agreed meeting time and you have a another meeting with a different potential client which you will miss if you don’t leave soon? What have you done in this situation?

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    Question: I want to start investing in real estate. You said you saved $1mill before you made your first investment but you have also said that you didn’t go big enough soon enough. How much should you save before you make your first investment (BIG INVESTMENT)

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    Ready for a great show today! I follow Grant Cardone religiously! Last year, I quit my day job of 8 years after watching Grant on YouTube for only 3 months. Within 6 months, I landed a 12,000.00 deal. After following Grant in 2015, my income increased by 75%.

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  • AllanBoruck      GRANT!!@!@#!!@#   I have an opportunity to buy a larger company at NET x 1.5 but it only has 30% of that in assets.   The rest is made up of clients that I could merge my products with on a wholesale level.  Should I buy it?   SHOULD I BUY IT ?!@#!@#!

  • 60,000 is nada

  • The Video Genius is mega talented.

  • Making $15/hour = poor, broke and busted! Same amount of work to make $15/hr as it does to make $1,500/hour. Just change your pitch and get your money right!

  • Even if I was in “poverty”, I’d find a way to grow my baby money one way or another

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    I loved being a recruiter, seeing someone’s head go north and south was a thrill

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    To hell with the drugs!  Too much wasted money and opportunity blown on them.  If you got time to get high, you don’t have enough to do!

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    Question: I want to start investing in real estate. You said you saved $1mill before you made your first investment but you have also said that you didn’t go big enough soon enough. How much should you bank away before you make your first investment (BIG INVESTMENT)?

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    You HAVE TO BE interesting in order to get anybodys ATTENTION!


    Being poor is not money.. its a MINDSET!

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    You don’t want that water grant… But let me tell you somthing, unless you keep that water some one else will have that water. Don’t miss understand me here…. some one wants that water, they need that water, and some one else will have it unless you keep it. Stop worrying if it’s right for you. Stop saying you can replace it, stop saying it’s worth nothing. The moment you put it on that screen it was priceless. Every body wouldn’t want that water if somthing was wrong with it. What makes that water worth somthing is because everyone wants it. Keep your water grant. You can pay me for making you realize that what you have is worth keeping and is now priceless.

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    What people don’t do even after GC tells them he’s not interested in water is sell him on making money. You think of all trillion gajillion people Grant is a person who WON’T BE INTERESTED IN MONEY? All you need to do is sell him on how the water will make him MONEY and you’re golden.


    Thank you Uncle G. Another great show!!!



    Who needs a wallet? Always Keep the money close!

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    Great Value! Live what you preach…. Love it!

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    the pitch is important as well as the positive energy you put in to the pitch, focus= energy so focus on good stuff. So by saying NO to negativity, your still notating the negative words (negative and no!) instead of saying YES TO POSITIVITY*

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    Great show uncle G, thank you for the valuable advices.