In this week’s Young Hustlers Grant Cardone goes solo with Jarrod Glandt closing a deal in California—until John Hamlin shows up in studio. Grant discusses that if you don’t like sales, it’s because you aren’t making any sales. Anything you aren’t good at, you won’t like much. You don’t like hustling because you don’t have strategy.

Reasons why you don’t make sales:

1.You don’t like sales because you aren’t good at it

2.You don’t know how to handle objections.

3.You don’t ask hard questions. You need to find what the objection is in the deal.
Grant is the master of handling objections.Join in on Saturday, Sep 17th for his LIVE event where he handles callers objections. Bring your best objection. When you order this program, you will immediately get in your inbox:

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    I am currently 26 years old, and my life is a mess. 
    My life is currently headed nowhere. 
    I have been basically unemployed my entire life. I have made less than $30,000 in my Entire Life. 
    Everybody is telling me to to see a Psychiatrist and for me to take Prescription Psychiatric Medications. 
    If I ever came into your office for a job interview, you would laugh at me and throw me out of your office. 
    Do you have any advising of if I should take Prescription Psychiatric Medications, and how I can turn my life around?

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